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COD Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes - New Maps, Modes, More

Here are the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 patch notes listing all details regarding upcoming content in the game.
COD Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes - New Maps, Modes, More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 is all set to release on 7th September and will bring new maps, weapons, themed events, operators, and much more. Activision has also released detailed patch notes for the upcoming update listing details about all the content coming to the game. 

There will be no maintenance break before the update is pushed out and here are the complete patch notes for COD Mobile Season 8.

Note: These patch notes are translated from another language using Google Translate, so it might not be perfect.

COD Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes

The new Battle Pass "Seamless Train" is scheduled to arrive on 09/08 (Thu) at 8:00 a.m. (tentatively scheduled)!

  • Welcome warriors to the high-speed rail station and experience this unique map from the classic series - join the battlefield with the new weapon ZRG 20mm and crush your enemies with this large-caliber bolted sniper rifle! 

Multiplayer mode

Express multiplayer map is coming to COD Mobile Season 8.
Express multiplayer map is coming to COD Mobile Season 8. (Picture: Activision)

New Multiplayer Map - Express

  • The classic series of maps "Express" loved by players has officially joined the map pool, the symmetrical station structure is clear, and players can freely engage between the track and the platform, but when the gate is activated, the soldiers must be careful of the trains that are about to pass through the station at high speed!

New Multiplayer Chips - Spy Tips

  • Can be used to invade the enemy's explosion-proof devices, laser trip, SAM anti-aircraft missiles, sentry machine guns, deforming shields and armament boxes, which are continuous equipment installed on the ground, and the equipment after successful invasion can be used by the other side.

Qualifying Map Pool Adjustment

  • Nuclear Bomb Town and Luxury Manor perform well in the new map pool, and we expect them to join the regular map pool. At the same time, it has been optimized for the average Miami raid in the regular map pool, and it is about to join the new map pool.

Multi-point occupation mode

  • Nuclear Bomb Town enters the regular Tuchi
  • Miami Raid into the New Tuchi

Stronghold Scramble Mode

  • Luxury Estates enter regular tuchi
  • Miami raids into new tuchi

Bug Fixes

  • Luxury Manor: Fixed an issue where the occupiable area of the second point in the stronghold scramble was biased.
  • Stronghold Scramble: Fixed an issue where players could not capture points when they entered a stronghold under special circumstances.

Survival mode

New Gameplay - Spy Intelligence Activities

In the spy-themed version of The Seamless Train, survival mode players can pick up data lost in the map to obtain spy intelligence, and during the survival of the infinite activity, successfully win in survival mode and bring out the data to hand over to the organization, and the whole team can get reward progress.

When you hold the data, you will receive the following buffs:

  • The organization will provide unlimited fire support, and the reserve will no longer be consumed when changing bullets.
  • The data can be analyzed to determine the number of surrounding enemy units and updated on the HUD in the upper left corner in real time.

In addition, when holding data, you will receive the following debuffs:

  • All forces are coveting this data containing espionage intelligence! Once picked up, the approximate position of the player with the data on all players' maps is held for a limited time, and the location is refreshed approximately every 30s, and the closer to the target unit, the more accurate the range of the position.

New Drop Weapon

  • ZRG 20mm

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where buggies had an anomaly when colliding.
COD Mobile Season 8 is called Train To Nowhere.
COD Mobile Season 8 is called Train To Nowhere. (Picture: Activision)

Comprehensive update - New custom room parameter function

In some modes of multiplayer and survival mode, the custom room parameter adjustment page has been added, and the content of adjustable parameters in different modes is different, and all the custom parameters opened this time are as follows:

  • Player Control: Used to control health, jump height, energy regeneration speed.
  • Poison Circle Frequency: Used to control the speed of the shrink rate.
  • Airdrop Control: Used to control whether airdrops are dropped.
  • Resurrection Rules: Used to control the in-house resurrection rules.
  • Wafer Control: Used to control whether chips can be used in the place of birth and which chips can be selected.
  • Sound Visualization: Visual icons for controlling whether gunshots, footsteps, vehicle sounds can be seen.
  • Parapet deck delivery: Used to control whether the parapet deck is dropped.
  • Bullet Limit: Used to control whether the number of bullets in the firearm is limited, closing the limit will make the number of firearms available to an unlimited number of ammunition.
  • Throwing Object Restrictions: Used to control whether throws are limited, closing the limit will make the number of throws unlimited.
  • Ground replenishment box delivery: Used to control whether ground containers are delivered.
  • Weapon Delivery: Rules for controlling the delivery of weapons on the ground.
  • Throwing object delivery: Used to control ground throwing rules.
  • Vehicle Delivery: Used to control whether different types of vehicles are released.
  • Weapon Performance Optimization: Koshka fire and bolt pull performance optimization.
    - Man-O-War reload performance optimization.
  • Continuous Killing Skill Performance Optimization: Optimized the damage range identification for quick air strikes to match the actual explosion range.

New Chip - Tar Chip

  • Active Skill: Tar Spray Tank increases movement speed, leaving a tar path with damage and slowdown effects.
  • Passive Skill: Classified as a fortress to attenuate explosion damage and negative effects.

New weapons

New Sniper Rifle - ZRG 20mm

  • Heavy and reliable large-caliber bolt-action sniper rifle with extremely high bullet speed and considerable damage, special accessories to increase damage to vehicles.

New Melee Weapon - Butterfly Knife

  • An exquisite folding knife with the sheath unfolded into a handle that elegantly demonstrates the user's superb skills.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.