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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season One New Order Battle Pass: Price, Operators, Rewards & Tiers

Everything we know about the COD: Mobile Season One New Order Battle Pass, including the price, release date, free tiers, rewards and new Operators.
With the release of COD: Mobile Season 1 entitled New Order, players will be able to level up a brand-new Battle Pass, filled with shiny rewards via 50 tiers of both Premium and Free tiers.

Here's what we know so far about the COD: Mobile Season 1 New Order Battle Pass, which includes the price, some free tier rewards, new Operator skins and more.

COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass: Price and release date

While all COD: Mobile players will get access to the free tiers of the New Order Battle Pass, you will need to open your wallet or spend some CP to get the Premium edition.

New Operators, which we will discuss in the next section, are only available via the Premium Battle Pass, as well as the new weapon skins.

The COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass prices should be:

  • Premium Battle Pass price is 560 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle costs 1280 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 50-Tier Bundle costs 1850 CP

The price of the COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass should be well worth it with all the new rewards available.

The release date for the New Order Battle Pass is the same as the start of the next season, which is 26th January at 16:00 PT ( 27th January at 00:00 GMT). The update is 200MB in size.

COD Mobile Season 1: Battle Pass free tiers

Via the new COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass, players will be able to get their hands on both the new weapons, as well as a new Operator skill.

Players will also be able to unlock the new Operator skill, called Gravity Vortex Gun, which pulls your enemies into a vortex. It only has two shots, so make every shot count.

  • Chicom – Synapse (Tier 4)

  • Antelope A20 – Light Show (Tier 8)

  • New Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun (Tier 14)

  • New Weapon – FR. 556 (Tier 21)

  • HS2126 – Synapse (Tier 31)

  • Charm – Bloodiest Diamond (Tier 38)

  • Calling Card – Neon Horizon (Tier 46)

  • M4 - Synapse (Tier 50)

CODMS1BPinsideFR.jpg?_t=1611561354(Picture: Activision)

Lastly, in terms of the free tier highlights, there's the Gas Grenade which continuously releases tear gas. Slows down movement, blurred vision and coughing.


COD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass Premium tiers

For those who love the new FR. 556, a blueprint version will be available at tier 50 of the COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass.

There are also some nice Epic gun skins to unlock via the COD: Mobile Season 1 Premium Battle Pass.

Here are some of the premium tiers:

  • David Mason – Enforcer (Tier 1)

  • Cordite – Tech Noir (Tier 1)

  • Charm – Button Masher (Tier 1)

  • HBRa3 – Capacitor (Tier 10)

  • FTL – Powerline (Tier 12)

  • Emote – Drone Control (Tier 15)

  • Locus – Carbon Cut (Tier 20)

  • Prophet – Geist (Tier 30)

  • HG 40 – Cybersick (Tier 40)

  • Spectre – Chrome (Tier 50)

  • FR .556 – Rogue Agent (tier 50)

CODMS1BPContent.jpg?_t=1611561324(Picture: Activision)

Lastly, there's a Legendary Calling Card called Sanction, a new Emote, a Frame, an epic Charm and more.

Players will be able to obtain all these items by levelling up their COD: Mobile Season 1 New Order Battle Pass via the Premium version.

COD Mobile Season One New Order is now live and it's time to start grinding through those Battle Pass levels and put your hands on rewards as soon as possible.