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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 1 New Order: Weapon balance changes detailed

With the release of COD: Mobile Season One entitled New Order, we get weapon balance changes to several guns.
COD: Mobile Season One (previously known as Season 14 before the name refresh) brings a whole lot of content, from a new map to new modes, a shiny new Battle Pass and two new weapons. 

Players who want to stay ahead of the competition in COD: Mobile Season One New Order, needs to know exactly which weapons have received balance changes. We've got you covered with the full list.

COD: Mobile Season One balance changes

With the release of COD: Mobile Season 1 on 26th January at 16:00 PT (27th January at 00:00 GMT), players will also see weapon balance changes to several guns.

The developer has decided to make three balance changes to the ASM10 in COD: Mobile Season One, while four other weapons also receive some changes.

COD Mobile Season One New Order weapon balance changes guns ASM10 DR-H Annihilator Man-O-War(Picture: Activision)

Only the DR-H and the Annihilator received some nerfs. The latter (an operator skill) was way too strong against Shields.

Check out the COD: Mobile weapon balance changes for Season One below.

  • Man-O-War greatly increased the number of shells.
  • GKS greatly increased reload speed.
  • ASM10 increases aiming speed. For not equipping the rear grip
  • ASM10 increased movement speed. For not equipping the rear grip
  • ASM10 reduces the firing range.
  • DR-H reduces reload speed
  • Annihilator reduces damage against Shield Turret, XS1 Goliath, Stealth Chopper, VTOL and Transform Shield.

Both Man-O-War and GKS fans should be very happy with the COD: Mobile Season One balance changes.

The ASM10, without Rear Grip attachment, got some nice buffs, while players might not be able to hit targets from as long of a range as they are used to.