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COD: Mobile secret weapon nerfs spotted including ASM10

It appears Activision deployed some secret COD: Mobile weapon nerfs which didn't appear in patch notes, including a nerf to the ASM10 Assault Rifle.
COD: Mobile secret weapon nerfs spotted including ASM10

Not all weapons are created equal, and with COD: Mobile Season 13, the ASM10 Assault Rifle has been dominating the battlefield. However, it appears Activision has deployed some secret weapon nerfs over the holiday period, without announcing them in patch notes.

Eagle-eyed players have spotted secret COD: Mobile nerfs to several weapons, with the most prominent being the ASM10 Assault Rifle nerf.

COD: Mobile ASM10 nerf

The ASM10 Assault Rifle is arguably the best weapon in its class for COD: Mobile Season 13, capable of killing an enemy in three shots from 20 meters away.

COD: MObile secret weapon nerfs ASM10 Activision
(Picture: Activision)

It appears the COD: Mobile development team is aware of the weapon's power, and that it needs some nerfs.

While the ASM10 is still very powerful, and its time-to-kill didn't get nerfed, the standard mag size has been reduced from 30 rounds down to 25.

YouTuber Bobby Plays spotted the secret nerf to the ASM10 in COD: Mobile, which you can view in the video below.

This nerf could very well mean players will need to adjust their playstyle a bit, sacrificing mobility for an extended mag attachment.


COD: Mobile secret weapon nerfs

First up, fans of the DRH should be happy to know it is the only three-shot Assault Rifle in COD: Mobile which has not been nerfed.

However, Bobby Plays also found a few nerfs to the Chopper LMG. The weapon has had the following secret nerfs applied:

  • Increased recoil.
  • Mobility on Heavy Handle attachment reduced.

Lastly, the Man-O-War Assault Rifle now has a slower aim-down-sight (ADS) time.

While it is clear these nerfs were needed, Activision normally does reveal the patch notes for COD: Mobile weapon balance changes.