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COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 7

Here's our tiered list for the best Sniper Rifles ranked from best to worst for Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 New Vision City.
COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 7

The arrival of COD Mobile season 7 is here, and with it as always comes a host of new content additions and changes to enjoy when going into battle. From the Switchblade X9 SMG to the addition of Seasonal camos that are available to try out.

However, other than adjustments made since Season 6, the Sniper Rifles have not undergone any additional changes this season. But continue reading to get the ranked list of the top sniper rifles in COD Mobile Season 7 if you want to know where you stand following Season 6 and entering Season 7.

COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City - Sniper Rifle tier list

COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City Sniper Rifle tier list tier rankings
Our tier rankings are from S-tier being the best, to D-tier being the worst. (Picture: Activision)

Before checking out our list, here's a breakdown of how we grade each weapon from best to worst in our tiered list.

  • The pinnacle of the crop is S-Tier. Even without any attachments, these guns are deadly. And with attachments, your enemies are toast. 

  • A-Tier: Reliable firearms with the potential to completely alter the course of a battle.

  • B-tier: Even while these weapons aren't as powerful as A-tier rifles, you can still use them effectively in battle with the correct attachments.

  • C-Tier: More suited to dire circumstances, these weapons don't provide much to those seeking exceptional performance.

  • D-Tier: This is where you can find cheap guns. If you don't want to get annoyed and finally be picked off, stay away from these firearms at all costs.

S-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City Sniper Rifle tier list Koshka
The Koshka is still one of the best Sniper Rifles for season 7. (Picture: Twitter / WarzoneQG)
  • Rytec AMR

  • Outlaw

  • DL Q33

  • SVD 

  • Locus

  • Koshka

If you know how to use them, practically every Rifle in this tier can lead you to victory. In particular, the Koshka continues to rank among the best sniper rifles in the game and is a fan favorite.

The SVD's movement speed has been somewhat boosted since Season 5 and 6, making it a little bit simpler to transport, but we'll have to wait and watch how the meta evolves in Season 7 in relation to it. The Locus continues to be a top-tier, powerful entry-level sniper rifle for beginners.

A-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City Sniper Rifle tier list Kilo Bolt-Action
The Kilo Bolt-Action is still ranked high on the list of the best Sniper Rifles. (Picture: Twitter / radzifakhrl)
  • Kilo Bolt-Action

  • MK2 Carbine

  • SKS

As there are no season 7 enhancements for the Kilo Bolt-Action, it remains in this tier for this season. It will be interesting to watch how future adjustments and patches will impact this weapon.

But for the time being, it continues to be the best option in Season 7 and the top dog for this category. This is also true for the majority of the snipers in this class, but some do need certain attachments to become more potent.

B-Tier sniper rifles

  • Arctic.50

  • M21 EBR 

Although the MB21's movement speed has been improved since seasons 5 and 6, we're not sure if the improvement is sufficient to justify the promotion to a higher tier, let alone S-tier for season 7. Although it still functions well as a mid-range rifle that you may use effectively provided you have the correct accessories.

The Arctic also stays put this season, not actively good or bad, but settling in its current location.

C-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City Sniper Rifle tier list XPR-50
We recommend choosing the Rifles in the above sections over the XPR-50. (Picture: Twitter / Nexus_107)
  • XPR-50

  • SP-R 208

Despite the fact that they are not completely terrible, these are nonetheless considered weapons that the majority of people would not even give a second glance at. The XPR-50 is incapable of competing in any significant sense, even with attachments galore.

D-Tier sniper rifles

  • NA-45

It's a shame that with all the new feature changes made since Season 6, this rifle hasn't been removed from the game or upgraded for Season 7, as we've mentioned before. It has shockingly poor stats and weak perks, and there are no updates in sight.

Check out our dedicated section filled to the brim with COD: Mobile news, weapon tier lists, guides, leaks, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.