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COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 6

Before going into COD Mobile Season 6, here is our tiered list ranking every Sniper Rifle coming hot off the heels of Season 5.
COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 6

COD Mobile Season 6 is here and as always, the game has released tons of brand new content for players to enjoy and take into battle with them. From a brand new map and new Weapon Blueprints to the new KSP 45, this season is gearing up to be an exciting one for players.

The Sniper Rifles however have seen no new changes this season, except for changes made since Season 5. So for those who want to know where they stand with Sniper Rifles coming off the heels of Season 5 and going into Season 6, then keep reading as we give you the tiered list for the Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile Season 6.

COD Mobile Season 6 To The Skies - Sniper Rifle tier list

COD Mobile Season 6 sniper tier list
Season 6 brings new content but no balance changes to the snipers just yet. (Picture: Activision)

Before delving into our list, here's how we break things down in terms of rating each rifle.

  • S-Tier: The cream of the crop. These rifles are devastating with no attachments, and with them equipped just means it's game set for your opponents.
  • A-Tier: Solid rifles, that can be game changes with the right attachments.
  • B-Tier: While not as powerful as S-tier rifles, with the right attachments, these can still serve you well in matches.
  • C-Tier: More for those desperate situations, these rifles don't offer too much for players looking for outstanding performance.
  • D-Tier: The trash rifles are found here. Avoid these rifles at all costs unless you want to be frustrated and eventually get picked off.

S-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List Best Sniper Rifles in Season 6 Rytec AMR
The Rytec AMR still remains one of the best Sniper Rifles to use in Season 6. (Picture: Activision)
  • Rytec AMR
  • Outlaw
  • DL Q33
  • SVD 
  • Locus
  • Koshka

Essentially every rifle in this tier can take you to victory if you know how to use them. Specifically, the Koshka is a fan favorite and maintains its spot as one of the top sniper rifles in the game.

The SVD has received a slight increase in movement speed making it a bit easier to carry around, though we'll have to see how the meta changes, if at all regarding it in Season 6. The Locus also still maintains its spot as a powerful and high-tier entry-level sniper rifle for beginners.

A-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List Best Sniper Rifles in Season 6 Kilo Bolt Action
The Kilo Bolt-Action is still one of the best performing Rifles in the A-tier for Season 6. (Picture: Twitter / path_exe)
  • Kilo Bolt-Action
  • MK2 Carbine
  • SKS

The Kilo Bolt-Action stays in this tier for this season as no buffs have been given to it moving into season 6, though will have to see how future changes affect this weapon.

For now, however, it remains the top dog for this tier and an option you can't go wrong with in Season 6. And this is true for most of the snipers in this tier, but some do require some attachments to be increasingly effective.

B-Tier sniper rifles

  • Arctic.50
  • M21 EBR 

Although the MB21 has received a movement speed buff since season 5, we still aren't sure if it's a significant enough change to warrant it moving to a higher tier, let alone S-tier. Though it still holds its own as a mid-range rifle that with the right attachments can serve you adequately.

The Arctic also remains in its place this season being neither aggressively good nor bad, it simply stays where it is for season 6.

C-Tier sniper rifles

XPR 50 COD Mobile Season 6 sniper tier list
The XPR-50 and other rifles in this tier are quite lackluster, and you can find better in the tiers above. (Picture: Twitter / Nexus_107)
  • XPR-50
  • SP-R 208

These aren't considered radioactive by any means, but they are still considered weapons that most would not even give a second look at. Even with attachments out the kazoo, the XPR-50 can't hold its own in any meaningful way.

D-Tier sniper rifles

  • NA-45

This Rifle is saddeningly terrible, sporting awful stats, and weak perks, and with no updates in sight for this rifle, it's just a shame that with all the new features in Season 6 it hasn't been removed from the game or updated for Season 6.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.