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COD Mobile Season 5 balance changes - All nerfs and buffs

Activision has revealed every weapon balance change that’s coming along with the COD Mobile Season 5 “Tropical Vision” update.
COD Mobile Season 5 balance changes - All nerfs and buffs

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5, entitled Tropical Vision, is set to launch on June 1 at 5 PM PT. The update will bring the Apocalypse map, Oden weapon, Echo Grenade, Guns Blazing Encore mode, and more. As always, Activision will also enforce a couple of balance changes for the COD Mobile weapons.

Therefore, this article outlines all the gun and equipment balance changes for COD Mobile Season 5 that are most likely to affect the current meta. So without any further delay, let’s dive deep into the details.

COD Mobile Season 5 weapon balance changes

COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision patch notes
Several popular weapons have received nerfs in either MP or BR. (Picture: Activision)

AR/SMG/LMG Bullet Spread Adjustment

In the current versions of the battle rhythm, the developers have made a unified evaluation and adjustment to the distribution value of AR/SMG/LMG firearms.

Overall, the average distribution of each gun system has been lowered:

  • ADS bullet spread – Significantly reduced (>20%): Swordfish, M16, Pharo, LK24, FR .556, ICR-1, AK-47, HVK-30, Man-O-War, HBRa3

  • ADS bullet spread – Reduced (10%~20%): M4, M4LMG, DR-H, UL736

  • ADS bullet spread – Slightly reduced (less than 10%): Kilo 141, KN-44, M13, ASM10, AK117, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, RPD, AS VAL, Type 25, Holger 26, GKS, Chopper, Hades, QQ9, QXR

  • ADS bullet spread – Slightly increased: RUS-79U

All the above changes are applicable to Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, the ADS bullet spread of all firearms is 60% of that in Multiplayer mode.

AR/SMG/SG/SR Movement Speed Adjustment

Activision has sorted out the mobility of weapons between different types and within the same type so that the mobility of firearms is more in line with their positioning.

  • Movement speed – Slightly increased: DR-H, HVK-30, CR-56 AMAX, HBRa3, AK117, M13, KRM-262, R9-0

  • ADS Movement speed – Slightly increased: M21 EBR, SVD

  • Movement speed bonus of attachments: Reduced

    • PPSh-41 Fast Reload +8% → +5%

    • QQ9 Tactical Barrel +5% → +4%

    • No Stock +5% → +4%

  • ADS Movement speed bonus of attachments – Reduced:

    • MAC-10 Combat Stock & Steel Stock +20% → +16%

    • Fennec Light Stock +15% → +12%

    • Light Mag +5% → +4%

    • MX9 Agile Stock +40% → +37%

COD Mobile Season 5 buffed weapons
A range of weapons have been buffed in either MP or BR for COD Mobile Season 5. (Picture: Activision)

RPD Balance Adjustments

  • Range: Increased

  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased

MAC-10 Balance Adjustment

  • Damage: Reduced

ASM10 Balance Adjustments

  • Tactical Reload speed: Increased

  • Empty Reload speed: Increased

Man-O-War Balance Adjustments

  • Tactical Reload speed: Increased

  • Empty Reload speed: Increased

Assault Rifles Range Adjustments

  • Range – Increased: HBRa3, FR.556, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, Peacekeeper MK2, M4LMG, UL736, Hades

KN44 Balance Adjustments

  • Make it hit the head three times within 26 meters to kill the enemy.

Peacekeeper MK2 Balance Adjustments

  • Base Mag Capacity: Increased

  • Base Range: Increased (Does not work on Rapid Fire Barrel)

  • Reload Speed of Double Stack Mag: Increased

AK117 Balance Adjustments

  • Range: Increased

  • Damage: Increased

  • Damage Multiplier to the Chest and Lower Arms: Increased

  • Reload Speed: Reduced

LK24 Balance Adjustments

  • Range: Increased

  • Damage: Increased

  • Damage Multiplier to the Hands: Increased

GKS Balance Adjustments

  • Range: Adjusted

  • Damage: Adjusted

  • Damage Multiplier to the Head, Upper Chest, and Arms: Increased

Renetti Balance Adjustments

  • Range: Increased

Persistence Perk Balance Adjustments

  • Persistence is changed to blue perk and will be incompatible with Hardline.

  • Therefore, the speed at which players can obtain scorestreaks is reduced.

  • When equipped with Persistence, all scorestreaks are divided into 3 segments in accordance with the score; players can only choose one from each segment to equip.

  • In order to control the impact of scorestreaks on the battle while ensuring players’ experience of scorestreaks, players will no longer be able to choose 3 advanced scorestreaks when Persistence is equipped.

Scorestreaks Balance Adjustments

  • EMP Systems

    • Score requirements: Reduced

  • Orbital Laser

    • Score requirements: Increased

    • Duration: Reduced

  • Napalm

    • Duration: Reduced

  • Chopper Gunner

    • Score requirements: Increased

Battle Royale Weapons and Equipment Adjustments

  • Bullet Velocity Adjustment

    • Except AS VAL, all Assault Rifles, and LMGs’ Bullet Velocity: Increased

    • Medium and low rate of fire Sniper & Marksman Rifles: Increased

  • Bullet Spread Adjustment

    • All Assault Rifles and LMGs’ ADS Bullet Spread: Reduced

    • Min/max mirror shot spreads are now relatively close for all LMGs/Assault Rifles.

    • The LMGs will reach its max Bullet Spread later than the Assault Rifles when under continuous fire.

  • Mobility Adjustment

  • Base Movement Speed of all LMGs: Increased

  • Runner Mod Adjustment

    • The duration and speed of the acceleration effect will vary depending on the gun types.

    • The acceleration duration of gun types other than Sniper Rifles/LMGs has been greatly reduced.

    • Cold Down Speed: Reduced

  • Class: Scout

    • The information obtained by the Scout is too limited, it should get more frequency and duration of use.

    • Charge Speed: Increased

    • Duration of Lv.2 Scout: Increased

  • Class: Mechanic

    • The EMP drone's search distance is not far enough, but the standby state will reveal its position. We hope that it will have a more stable effect.

    • The Speed drone approaching enemies and Deceleration rate: Increased

  • Drone’s Search Distance: Increased

So there you have it, what you need to know about COD Mobile Season 5 balance changes.

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Featured image via Activision.