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COD Mobile New Weapon: How to get the NA-45 Sniper

Activision has revealed a brand-new weapon for COD Mobile called the NA-45, the first primary weapon with area damage.
COD Mobile New Weapon: How to get the NA-45 Sniper

Even with all the great content in COD Mobile with the release of Season 11, Activision plans to add even more to the game. An upcoming addition to the mobile sensation is the NA-45 Sniper Rifle, the first primary weapon which can deal area damage. Here's what we know so far about the new COD Mobile weapon, and how you can possibly get it.

New COD Mobile weapon: NA-45 Sniper Rifle

The new COD Mobile weapon was revealed on the game's official Twitter account, and it looks incredibly power. It is the first primary weapon to deal area damage.

With the NA-45 Sniper Rifle, you will be able to fire explosive shots, and suppress enemies from long distances.



Some details on the new COD Mobile weapon include:

  • Lower single-shot damage compared to other sniper rifles but you can still one-shot with precision shots.
  • Explosive damage triggers on every second shot that lands within range of the first.
  • A highly customizable weapon with unique magazines for different needs.

According to Activision, the NA-45 Sniper Rifle is for the quiet hunter who "secretly wants to be loud".


How to get the NA-45 in COD Mobile

The NA-45 will release on 22nd October 2020, and is sure to be a devastating new weapon in COD Mobile.

New COD Mobile Weapon NA-45 sniper rifle how to get

(Picture: Activision)


Players will be able to get their hands on the NA-45 by completing a seasonal challenge called Elite Marksman, which also releases on 22nd October.

From previous Elite Marksman challenges, you can expect roughly eight quests to complete, where you are tasked with killing enemies with different weapons along the way. You can expect rewards for each quest as well as Battle Pass XP. 

It appears you will need to complete all the quests in the Elite Marksman challenge to unlock the new COD Mobile weapon in the form of the NA-45 Sniper Rifle.