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COD Mobile
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CODM March 31 Public Test Build: Release date, download limits, weapon balance and more

Everything you need to know about the COD: Mobile Public Test Build, from how you can join, the release date, download limit and weapon changes being tested.
While COD: Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning released earlier in March, the developers have decided there are some weapon balance changes needed. For the purpose of testing weapon balance in COD: Mobile, a new Public Test Build is now available, giving players the chance to test all the changes before they go live in a future update. This new Public Test Build is not for any new features, as it focuses primarily on weapon balance changes and adjustments. 

CODM Public Test Build: Release date & download limit

The latest COD: Mobile Public Test Build has a release date of 29th March, which means it is available to download right now unless you've travelled back in time.

It is important to note there's a download limit of between 30,000 and 40,000. This means only 30,000 to 40,000 players will be able to register for the latest COD: Mobile Public Test Build, and you must be over16  years of age. 

There's currently no end date for the Public Test Build which started in late March 2021.

COD Mobile Public Test Build: How to join

The COD: Mobile March Public Test Build is quite easy to join. It is only available on Android devices, and it requires quite a hefty download.


CODM COD: Mobile march 31 public test build how to join release date download limit weapon balance changes(Picture: Activision)

Follow the simple steps below to join the COD: Mobile Public Test Build:

  • Make sure that you have enough space on your phone.
  • Connect to your WiFi as the download size is 2GB.
  • Download the APK file by following this link.
  • Install the APK file once downloaded. You might need to allow third-party apps in your phone's settings.
  • Run the Public Test Build of COD: Mobile
  • Log in and test out all the new changes.

Basically, as soon as you see this, go ahead and download the COD: Mobile Public Test Build for a shot at getting in.

COD: Mobile 2021 PTB balance changes

The goal of this COD: Mobile Public Test Build is to create a stronger balance of weapon types for the game by making changes to several of the weapons in all categories. 

CODM COD: Mobile march 31 public test build how to join release date download limit weapon balance changes(Picture: Activision)

In a new Community Update on Reddit, the developer went into some detail about what they want to achieve with the balance changes for each weapon category in the COD: Mobile March 31 Public Test Build.

SMG balance changes

Strengthen close-range position through damage and mobility, while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure viability at other distances.

AR balance changes

Strengthen the range and accuracy to ensure a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. Improve weapon differentiation in terms of bullet trajectory, handling, and recoil.

LMG balance changes

Strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening the capabilities at different ranges.

Sniper balance changes

Optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close range combat.

As always, if you've joined the COD: Mobile Public Test Build, you are urged to provide your feedback to the developers. It will be quite interesting to see which improvements, adjustments and balance changes the developer decides to make after the PTB comes to an end.

Speaking of weapon balance changes, the developer shared detailed information about the changes made in an update released earlier in March 2021.


COD: Mobile March weapon & attachments changes

Activision released some weapon and attachment balance changes earlier in March.

CODM COD: Mobile march 31 public test build how to join release date download limit weapon balance changes(Picture: Activision)

While these changes have been live for over a week, the developer shared more detailed information upon community requests. Check them out below.


To help address feedback about this weapon feeling a bit weak on launch, we have adjusted this to make it easier to use overall and generally a more competitive weapon.

  • Increased bullet velocity
  • Optimized recoil, more stable
  • Increased range
  • Reduced weapon shake when being hit
  • Adjusted damage variables when hitting different body parts
  • Increased bullet spread when hip firing


We saw that this SMG was not often considered competitive among other options in the class. After looking through the causes of that we focused on increasing mobility. Here are the specifics:

  • Increased range
  • Increasing precision of ADS and hip fire, better recoil control


This weapon on the other hand has been a bit too strong, but we don’t think it requires significant nerfs and instead just small changes to help make it feel more balanced. We are going to keep observing this one to see if further adjustments are required, but for now, only this one change was made:

  • Decreased hip fire precision

Monolithic suppressor:

  • Removed movement speed reduction when aiming
  • Increased time to aim weapon when equipped, +7% to +12% (except for SMGs)

Huge suppressor:

  • Removed vertical recoil control
  • Increased time to aim weapon when equipped, 16% to 22%

MIP light barrel (short) for Man-O-War:

  • Increased movement speed +2% to +3%
  • Increased vertical recoil control: +6% to 7.8%

Remember, the balance changes and adjustments to weapons as well as attachments are already live in the Global Version of COD: Mobile.

Good luck to everyone who tries joining the COD: Mobile Public Test Build, we hope you get in and don't forget to give the developers some feedback!