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COD Mobile: How To Play Goliath Clash Mode In Season 2

Goliath Clash is the new gameplay mode coming to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2, and here is a comprehensive guide to play it.
COD Mobile: How To Play Goliath Clash Mode In Season 2

Activision is preparing for the second season update of CoD Mobile, which is scheduled to launch on February 22nd. The forthcoming update will introduce fresh content into the game, such as a new map, weapon, game modes, and additional features. Additionally, players can obtain a new battle pass to level up and earn rewards like operators, camos, perks, and more.

One of the significant additions to CoD Mobile's season 2 is the new Goliath Clash gameplay mode, available on the Diesel Multiplayer map. For those seeking guidance on how to play this new mode, look no further.

What is Goliath Clash in COD Mobile

CoD Mobile's latest Goliath Clash mode
CoD Mobile's latest Goliath Clash mode. (Picture: Activision)

Goliath Clash is a brand new COD Mobile gameplay mode, set to release along with the much anticipated season 2 update. In this new mode, players can enter the match as a Goliath and engage in a Domination-style gameplay where they compete against other mechs to capture three points on the map. Capturing a point will provide a battery drop, which players can collect to enhance their Goliath's capabilities.

How To Play Goliath Clash

Goliath Clash mode guide
Goliath Clash mode guide. (Picture: Activision)

As mentioned earlier, Goliath Clash is featured in the new Diesel Multiplayer map. It was first seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and is now headed to the mobile battle royale. This latest game mode allows players to join the match as a Goliath and partake in Domination-style gameplay. 

Contending against other mechs, they strive to take command of three points on the map. Upon capturing a point, a battery drop is awarded, which players can collect to upgrade their Goliath's capabilities.

Goliaths can be improved with Blue, Red, and Silver power upgrades, offering the following buffs:

  • Blue: Get a Melee weapon with improved damage, a new slide skill, and faster movement speed.
  • Red: Equip the Purifier, get a health boost, and reduce all incoming damage.
  • Silver: Gain enhanced firepower along with a damage and health boost.

When it comes to the new Diesel map, players are taken to a dilapidated gas station situated in a scorching desert. The combat occurs both inside and around the station and nearby shops, featuring mid- to long-range fighting in the open and close-quarters combat inside cramped spaces. The ones who can adeptly maneuver in and out of various buildings and adjust their Loadouts during the game to adapt to the constantly changing battle will succeed most.

So there you have it. That's everything you need to know about COD Mobile's Goliath Clash mode.