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How to earn Gun Master medal in COD Mobile

Here is a comprehensive guide to earning the Gun Master medal in Call of Duty: Mobile.
How to earn Gun Master medal in COD Mobile

With the release of the latest community update, a new challenge called Outlasting Blackout has emerged into Call of Duty: Mobile. The Outlasting Blackout challenge allows COD Mobile fans to unlock the Battery - Shuttle operator along with several other rewards for free. However, in order to unlock the operator, players have to earn a Gun Master medal at the final stage.

Since Call of Duty: Mobile features a profusion of different medals, it becomes a tedious task for players to get this specific medal. While the name of the Gun Master medal suggests it is associated with frags, many players aren’t aware of the exact process to obtain it. Thus, in order to help the COD Mobile community, here’s an essential guide to earning the Gun Master medal.

Getting the Gun Master medal in COD Mobile 

How to earn Gun Master medal in Call of Duty: Mobile season 8
Kill eight enemies in a single match to get the COD Mobile Gun Master medal. (Picture: Activision)

If one looks at the description of the Gun Master medal in the profile achievement section, it reads, “Kill count is over 8”, meaning players can get it by securing at least eight kills in a single COD Mobile battle royale match. Inarguably, it is pretty tough to accomplish this objective and might be time-consuming for some players, especially for newcomers. 

Unfortunately, it’s the one and only way to earn the Gun Master medal in COD Mobile season 8. However, one should not disappoint as we have some tips and tricks for our readers that will help them out in securing the medal in a short space of time. 

In order to excel your frag count, it’s highly recommended to land into the hot-drop areas. Doing this would enable you to assassinate a bunch of enemies right after the beginning of the match. After scouting and clearing your nearby locations, you’re all set to secure eight kills in a single match.

In addition, playing with friends could be really beneficial instead of solo queuing as you always get a second chance through the revival system. Doing this would save a lot of your time while you’re on the way to bag the Gun Master medal.

  • Please note: The Outlasting Blackout challenge will continue until season 8 ends. Thus, make sure to act fast to snag all the event rewards.

So there you have it, what you need to know about getting the Gun Master medal in Call of Duty: Mobile. 


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Featured image via Activision.