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How To Get C4 For Free In COD Mobile Season 9

Blow up your enemies with the new Lethal C4 debuting in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. Here's how to unlock it.
How To Get C4 For Free In COD Mobile Season 9

Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile, titled Zombies Are Back, sees the dead walking among us, and boasts a slew of new weapons, themed events, and much more. Regarding Lethals, players can look forward to the throwable and deadly C4 appearing this season.

This guide will detail how to get the new Lethal C4 for free in COD Mobile Season 9. In addition, we will share some insight into its usage against the walking dead you'll be facing this season. 

How To Get C4 In COD Mobile Season 9

How To Get C4 in cod mobile season 9 battle pass tier 14
Players will get the C4 Lethal once reaching Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass. (Picture: Activision)

With the return of Zombies to Call of Duty Mobile, developers Activision saw it fit to give players some extra firepower this season in the form of the new C4 Lethal. The C4 can be unlocked after reaching Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass. Once obtained, you can take it with you into battle at any time.

The C4 is a remote-controlled throwable Lethal, meaning that you can toss it out and then detonate it from a distance. This makes it ideal for taking on the hordes of Zombies that will likely be coming after you in the new themed events or using it against fellow players.

The C4 will be especially useful during the two new modes featuring Zombies in COD Mobile Season 9. The first is Zombies Classic, in which waves of zombies attack your team as you try to survive.

The next is Super Attack of the Undead, in which a team member is chosen randomly to be the first zombie and can kill and turn on the others. Your team's goal is to put the zombies down and survive until the round ends.

How To Get C4 For Free In COD Mobile Season 9 C4 Lethal useful in new season of Zombies and modes
The C4 Lethal will come in handy in Season 9 as you take on Zombies and new themed events. (Picture: Activision)

The C4 will be extremely helpful during these modes by offering explosive charges that you can detonate remotely and set traps for the opposing side, especially if you're in a tight spot and need a quick and punchy way out.

To avoid things getting too difficult, it is a huge bonus that the C4 will be given away for free at level 14 of the free version of the COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass.

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All featured images are courtesy of Activision.