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How to get Medic Medal in COD Mobile

Here is a guide to earning the Medic Medal in COD Mobile that you can display on your profile and glorify it.
How to get Medic Medal in COD Mobile

COD Mobile has a ton of medals that players can earn by completing various simple tasks in the game. These medals can be displayed on the in-game profile to represent your skills, and not only this; they can sometimes help you get free goodies too. 

In the latest COD Mobile Season 6 update, a brand new featured event, Alcatraz Anarchy, has been introduced that gives players a chance to unlock rewards like Battery - Mosaic, Parachute - Mosaic, and more for free. There are a total of ten missions in this event, and in order to complete one of them, you need to unlock the Medic Medal. Here's how you can do it.

COD Mobile - How to unlock Medic Medal

How to get Medic Medal in COD Mobile
Earn Medic Medal in Alcatraz Anarchy event (Picture: Activision)

The first thing to keep in mind is in order to complete the Medic Medal task in Alcatraz Anarchy event; you first need to complete the previous missions to earn points in order to move forward. 

After you have done that, you can complete the Medic Medal task by earning the medal twice in BR Alcatraz, which can be done by recovering more than 200 HP in a match.

The medal will showcase in your in-game profile under the Medal Display section, and if you already own this medal, you can unlock it again by doing the same thing again. 

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