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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes: New maps, Undead Siege, MX9, and more

Here are the official patch notes of the long-awaited Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 - The Heat update.
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 titled The Heat is set to release globally on 29th July at 5 PM PT, and players can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store once it rolls out officially.

As per the official patch notes, the update will bring the Zombie mode, new Slums and Stack multiplayer maps, ranked series three, and much more. 

Apart from this, a brand new Battle Pass will also be made available with the arrival of the Season 6 update. As always, it will be featured in two variants, free and premium, and will contain 50 tiers in total. Players can unlock various rewards, including Swarm scorestreak, MX9 weapon, AK-47 Epiphany, and a lot more. 

If you want to take a detailed look at everything inside the COD: Mobile Season 6 update, then we've got you covered.

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes

The Heat Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)

Assisting the Call of Duty: Mobile fans a fresh supply of free and premium content in the Season 6 Battle Pass with new Operators, a new functional weapon, a new Scorestreak, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, Call of Duty Points (CP), and more.


Free rewards:

  • Swarm Scorestreak (Unlocks at tier 14)

  • MX9 functional weapon (Unlocks at tier 21)

  • AK-47 – Epiphany

  • Calling Card – Rugged and more


Premiums rewards:

  • Rosa — Double Agent

  • ICR-1 – Blood Money

  • Calling Card – Escape

  • Charm right at Tier 1

New Multiplayer map: Slums

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)

Deploy to Slums, a classic and competitive favourite seen initially in Black Ops II. Duke it out in the streets and around the centre fountain, and whatever you do, check those corners!

New Multiplayer map: Stack

Prepare for small team tactics on Stack, a near-symmetrical map set in a desert training facility. First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Stack joins the Gunfight map rotation courtesy of Season 6.

The Return of Zombies Mode

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)
  • Deploy with your squad to the Isolated Battle Royale map, where you must survive against the undead.

  • Use turrets, guns, and teamwork to defeat the horde as they grow stronger and more numerous.

  • Earn 25+ grindable rewards by progressing in the mode, including highlights like the Shorty — Aether Machine Weapon Blueprint and a Zombified Tank Dempsey Operator Skin.

Undead Siege Themed Event

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)
  • The event will be made available later in this season.

  • Complete tasks in the new Undead Siege mode and in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

  • Earn the most Aether by playing Undead Siege.

  • Also, earn rewards like the FR .556 — Undead Watcher as well as a Zombified Edward Richtofen Operator Skin.

Ranked Series 3

  • Beginning with the launch of Season 6.

  • Grab CR-56 AMAX – Street Venom at Master I in Multiplayer.

  • Get Lerch - Penalty Kick at Master III in Battle Royale.

New Clan Wars content

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)
  • Introducing brand-new Clan Wars nodes for capture.

  • Get rewards like Firebreak Operator Skin with equippable aesthetic items and the RUS-79U – Cagebreaker Weapon Blueprint.

COD Mobile World Championship Broadcast announcement

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Patch Notes
(Picture: Activision)

The World Championship 2021 is heating up with Stage 3: Regional Playoffs. For the first time, five Regional Playoffs tournaments will be broadcast in-game and on YouTube, as teams compete in a double-elimination bracket. Earn special rewards for watching. 

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