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COD Mobile Season 3 (2023) Weapon Balance Changes: All Nerfs, Buffs

Check out weapon balance changes coming to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 (2023) to know if your favorite weapon has been nerfed or buffed.
COD Mobile Season 3 (2023) Weapon Balance Changes: All Nerfs, Buffs

With the release of every new update, Activision adds new maps, modes, battle pass, events, and much more to Call of Duty: Mobile. However, in addition to adding new content, work is done to balance out the weapons to make the gameplay fair and interesting for all the players.

COD Mobile Season 3 (2023) is no different, as it will also bring a ton of weapon nerfs and buffs. Activision has revealed all the balance changes coming to the update, and you can find them below.

Note: The balance changes below are translated from some other language using Google Translate, so there maybe some errors in it. We will update this page once COD Mobile Season 3 weapon balance changes are out in English.

COD Mobile Season 3 (2023) Weapon Balance Changes

COD Mobile Season 3 Weapon Balance Changes.
COD Mobile Season 3 Weapon Balance Changes. (Picture: Activision)

Here are all the weapon balance changes made across multiplayer and battle royale modes of COD Mobile in Season 3 (2023).

Multiplayer / Survival Mode


  • Improved reload speed
  • Reduced tactical reload time
  • Reduced recoil change in random levels


  • Increased reload speed
  • Reduced tactical reload time
  • Increased mirror lifting speed

Peacekeeper MK2

  • Base hit up lift lowered
  • Mirror lift dispersion reduced


  • Recoil optimization


  • Recoil optimization


  • Multiplayer Damage Boost
  • Survival Mode Damage Boost
  • Chest Damage Multiplier Boost


  • Reduces the amplitude of the front sight and sight when fired


  • Head Damage Multiplier
  • First Range Increase


  • Reduced firing interval
  • Increased speed of falling mirrors
  • Reduced delay in recoil recovery after firing


  • Base Damage Boost
  • Large-caliber bullets
    • Extra damage boost for the first two stages - Head damage multiplier
    • Lower arm damage multiplier boost

Switchblade X9

  • Upper Arm Damage Multiplier
  • Lower Arm Damage Multiplier Boost

AGR 556

  • Reduces horizontal recoil


  • Lower Arm Damage Multiplier Increased


  • Increased movement speed
  • Shorter run and shoot delay
  • Waist bullet dispersion more evenly
  • Survival Mode damage adjustment
  • Survival Mode Range adjustment

Kilo Bolt-Action

  • Added Red Dot Sight accessory
  • Blocking fire ammunition Fire interval negative effect is reduced

D13 Sector

  • Right fire button changed to waist shot
  • Flight speed increased
  • Added guide line

Multiplayer Mode


  • Damage Multiplier (Multiplayer)


  • Added 3P effect

Hive Gun

  • Increases the effective time when traps are placed
  • Increases the area hit by traps
  • Increases the visibility of traps

EM3 Ballista

  • Added warning flag when detected


  • Increased speed of cutting the gun when the big move is activated
  • Greatly reduced charge time
  • Greatly increased damage determination area 
  • Greatly increased bullet speed
  • Reduced ammo count


  • Increases bullet damage reduction and improves survivability during big moves.

Survival Mode


  • Significantly reduced charge time 
  • Greatly increased lens speed
  • Greatly increased lens movement speed
  • Now requires reload for every fire
  • Ammunition cost increased to 60 per shot


  • Damage increase
  • Range increase
  • Bullet speed increase
  • Increased ammo cost per shot
  • Increased reload speed


  • Survival Mode Damage Adjusted


  • Survival Mode damage reduction

Horror chip

  • Increased search range for enemies