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The best Man-O-War loadout in COD: Mobile

Added in Season 2, the Man-O-War assault rifle is still one of the best in COD: Mobile - here is how to get the most out of it.
The best Man-O-War loadout in COD: Mobile

In order to get this weapon, you need to reach level 52 on the battle pass. It was added to COD: Mobile as part of the Season 2 update.

The Man-O-War is an assault rifle that boasts a high damage output even though its fire rate is slow. Mobility is also not its strong point compared to similar weapons. Still, 3 shots are enough to kill with this weapon, which is not bad at all.

A good loadout is key to succeeding with this and with the right attachments it can rival even the ICR-1, so not a weapon you should underestimate by any means.

Here are the best loadout and attachments for the Man-O-War. This loadout will be designed for close ranges.

The best Man-O-War loadout in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty man-o-war best loadout and attachments(Picture: TiMi Studios)

  • Muzzle: RTC Huge Suppressor
  • Barrel: MIP Light Barrel (short)
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
  • Ammunition: 30 Round Extended Mag

The Man-O-War used to have approximately 30 bullets. Now it only has 20, so expanding that number with the 30 Round Extended Mag is a smart move.

You might think it's going to be a bad thing because of the reduced mobility, but that will be negated with the OWC Tactical Laser, which will boost your ADS speed and increase accuracy. And if this doesn't sound like enough, add the Granulated Grip Tape to further improve your aim.

As we said before this class is designed for close-range gunfights, so we have chosen the RTC Huge Suppressor, which decreases vertical recoil.

We have also chosen the MIP Light Barrel (short), which gives us more speed when aiming and more speed of movement.