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Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass – Release Date, Price & Rewards

Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 will include a refreshed Battle Pass with 60 ranks of rewards to claim. Here's everything to know about it.
Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass – Release Date, Price & Rewards

Conan Exiles’ upcoming update will continue the Age of Sorcery story with new challenges for players to complete. These tasks are connected to the new Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass system, in which paid, and free players can claim rewards, ranging from Crom Coins to various cosmetics and weaponry.

To be more specific, the Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass will include new and returning cosmetics, pets, weapons, gear, and more from the in-game shop, the Bazaar. So if you want to know more about the upcoming Battle Pass, including the release date, price, and rewards for Conan Exiles, look no further. Here's everything you need to know!

23rd March 2023 Update: Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update's Battle Pass is now available on console and PC on 14th March 2023. We'll endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

Conan Exiles Chapter 3 Battle Pass: Release Date & Price

conan exiles battle pass home page tiers rewards user interface ui
There are 60 tiers of paid and free rewards to claim from the new Battle Pass. (Picture: YouTube / Funcom)

The upcoming Battle Pass for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 is available with the launch of the Chapter 3 update on 14th March 2023. The Battle Pass is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, and it does require having the base game for players to collect their rewards.

Much like previous iterations of the game’s Battle Pass, it may run for 13 weeks starting from its launch date, meaning it may conclude in the week of 6th June 2023. Regarding its pricing, you’ll need to activate the Battle Pass with a once-off fee of $9,99 to buy 1,200 Crom Coins.

These Crom Coins will unlock the Battle Pass, granting you access to all the rewards you can earn from each of its 60 ranks. You’ll need to complete the challenges required to unlock each tier and gain that tier’s reward, which at rank 60, you’ll have 1,200 Crom Coins needed to activate the next season or chapter’s Battle Pass.

All Battle Pass Rewards For Conan Exiles Chapter 3

conan exiles battle pass home page tiers rewards armor display
One of the new Battle Pass rewards includes the Armor Display decoration for your home. (Picture: DarthPhysicist & Funcom)

As mentioned, players who’ve progressed through the Battle Pass and completed the challenges at level 60 can claim 1,200 Crom Coins, which can be used for the next season or chapter’s Battle Pass. Developer Funcom has outlined some of the chapter’s rewards during their Developer Livestream and in their recent developer blog post.

According to their developer blog post, the Golem Visage Armor set, Turanian Nomad Camel Pet, Golem Skin Variation, and various Blood Crystals weapons can be claimed from the Battle Pass. The stream also showcased other Battle Pass rewards, including more Crom Coins, the Armor Display decoration, emotes, and more.

Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery Chapter 3 Battle Pass Rewards:
  • Rank 1: Turanian Nomad Armor
  • Rank 2: Blood Crystal Floor Paint
  • Rank 3: Armor Display (FREE)
  • Rank 4: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 5: Beekeeper Wall Paint
  • Rank 6: Blood Crystal Maul
  • Rank 7: Woodcutting Storage Container
  • Rank 8: Draught of the Dead x5 (FREE)
  • Rank 9: Blood Crystal Shield
  • Rank 10: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 11: Weapons Cache Floor Paint
  • Rank 12: Turanian Nomad Camel
  • Rank 13: Deformed Bear
  • Rank 14: Golem Assembly Zone Wall Paint
  • Rank 15: Slow Applause Emote (FREE)
  • Rank 16: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 17: Potion of Detect Resources (FREE)
  • Rank 18: Blood Crystal Skin Golem Craft Workbench
  • Rank 19: Turanian Bedroll
  • Rank 20: Golem Parts Floor Paint
  • Rank 21: Mining Storage Container (FREE)
  • Rank 22: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 23: Turan Wall Paint
  • Rank 24: Unholy Communion Armor
  • Rank 25: Turanian Composite Bow
  • Rank 26: Potion of Invisibility x5 (FREE)
  • Rank 27: Fan-bearer Emote
  • Rank 28: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 29: Pict Floor Paint
  • Rank 30: Iron Hound Construct
  • Rank 31: Warhourse Wall Paint
  • Rank 32: Skinning Storage Container 
  • Rank 33: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 34: Draught of Slow Fall x5 (FREE)
  • Rank 35: Turanian Nomad Saddle
  • Rank 36: Blood Crystal Sword
  • Rank 37: Golem Exclusion Zone Floor Paint
  • Rank 38: Turanian Nomad Scimitar
  • Rank 39: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 40: Artisan Wall Paint
  • Rank 41: Golem Visage Armor
  • Rank 42: Sulk Emote
  • Rank 43: Elixir of Darkness x5 (FREE)
  • Rank 44: Halt! Emote
  • Rank 45: Albino Gurnakhi Wolf (FREE)
  • Rank 46: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 47: Argossean Floor Paint
  • Rank 48: Guardian Assembly Station Skin
  • Rank 49: Scaffolding Set
  • Rank 50: Golem Exclusion Zone Wall Paint
  • Rank 51: Golem Craft Schematics
  • Rank 52: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 53: Potion of Lightning Storm x5 (FREE)
  • Rank 54: Turanian Nomad Spear
  • Rank 55: Warcry Emote
  • Rank 56: Mercenary Camp Floor Paint
  • Rank 57: Foraging Storage Container 
  • Rank 58: 120 Crom Coins
  • Rank 59: Animal Tamer Wall Paint
  • Rank 60: Iron Slag Golem

Free rewards will also be added to the Battle Pass, which will be available to all players to claim. This means those who have yet to acquire the Battle Pass can still progress with the challenges and claim the rewards at various levels. 

And that completes this guide for Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Battle Pass. We want to thank the YouTube channel Eradicati0n for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC from 14th March 2023.