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Conan Exiles The Sacred Hunt Event Explained: How To Join, Rewards & More

The night has fallen as creatures have gathered in honor of Jhebbal Sag as The Sacred Hunt is arriving in the Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 4 update.
Conan Exiles The Sacred Hunt Event Explained: How To Join, Rewards & More
(Picture: Funcom)

Developer Funcom announced during its recent Developer Livestream that the Age of War will receive a fourth chapter this March. The Chapter 4 update will bring "a new level of brutality" to the survival game through new in-game activities, new and updated gameplay features, and a refreshed Battle Pass boasting unique cosmetics and more.

This update sees one of two new in-game activities, The Scared Hunt event, which continues the unraveling story of Stygia as players seek out the secrets hiding within the ancient ruins. This explainer guide details everything to know about The Sacred Hunt, including how to join, gameplay mechanics, rewards, and more in Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 4.

What Is The Sacred Hunt Event In Conan Exiles Age Of War Chapter 4?

Conan Exiles will break its Ages tradition with the launch of the Age of War Chapter 4, arriving on console and PC on 2nd April 2024. This update, available through the Public Beta on PC, sees new gameplay content, features, bug fixes, and more that have been added to the base, including a new in-game activity, the Sacred Hunt event.

This in-game activity will be available once the update is released, which begins the event as dangerous foes start to walk the areas surrounding the al-Merayah of the Exiled Lands. Players are to vanquish these enemies, and looting their bodies will see them claim map fragments containing clues to a hidden destination.

They'll encounter the event NPC, a priest known as the Bloody Tongue of Jhebbal Sag, who will provide players with valuable information on the Sacred Hunt and its patron. When speaking to this NPC, they have the option to either opt in or out of the Sacred Hunt, which opting out allows them to return to the priest once they're ready for the Sacred Hunt.

If they agree to participate in the sacred event, they won't be ambushed by the creatures that roam the area surrounding the ruins of al-Merayah. If all the map fragments are discovered, they will be led to a location below the ruins of al-Merayah, where more secrets related to Stygia can be uncovered.

If players "wish to gain the favor of Jhebbal Sag," they will accept a challenge worthy of a Champion by facing all the champions he had branded. They are to use unique items to lure out these challenging beasts, which these lures can be obtained from the event's vendor using fangs.

Defeat various enemies and creatures, like the werehyenas, and loot unique items like fangs, which can be exchanged for rewards when visiting the event vendor. (Picture: Funcom)

Unfortunately, players will face every champion without armor but will head into these encounters with weapons to defeat each beast. After defeating each of his champions, they'll receive unique rewards before facing the last champion.

Conan Exiles Age Of War Chapter 4: Sacred Hunt Rewards

There are various creatures players to defeat when exploring the areas al-Merayah, like the werehyenas, who will drop unique items to loot, such as fangs, which can be exchanged for various rewards with the event's vendor found at a nearby campsite.

Some of the items players can exchange these fangs for include cosmetic items, "not limited to" unique war paints, the Throne of Jhebbal Sag, the Statue of Jhebbal the Skull Warhammer, and a Werehyena Hunter Companion. As mentioned before, defeating every champion of Jhebbal Sag will see players earn a unique reward to claim to mark their victorious battle.

Additionally, should players discover the foreboding secrets of the Sacred Hunt, they can lure a terrifying beast to the chamber with the caves of the ruins of al-Merayah. If successful, yet another special reward will be given to all players who've defeated this creature as they continue walking the path of the Sacred Hunt.