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Conan Exiles Age Of War: Release Date, News, Content Roadmap, More

By Crom! Conan Exiles' next content update sees purges, sieges, and more invading the lands, so here's what we know about the Age of War.
Conan Exiles Age Of War: Release Date, News, Content Roadmap, More

On the back of the chaos and destruction that remained after the Age of Sorcery, players look to the Gods for courage and strength as something troubling lurks on the horizon. Developer Funcom has confirmed during its recent Developer Livestream that the Age of War is coming to the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah.

Players will need to prepare best themselves as an invasion is coming, but what can players expect before its eventual release? We’ve searched the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah to determine what’s coming soon in the Age of War update, including its release dates, content news, reveals, and more for Conan Exiles.

21st September 2023 Update: We've updated this guide to reflect that the Age of War Chapter 2 will be available for console and PC on 21st September 2023. The original article continues below.

Conan Exiles Age Of War: Chapter Release Dates

Developer Funcom held their recent Developer Livestream on 24th August 2023, centered on the next chapter for the Age of War update arriving to Conan Exiles. As previously alluded, the Age of War Chapter 2 is confirmed to launch on 21st September 2023 for PC and console.

This was based on the frequency interval between the multiple chapters for the Age of Sorcery updates, as it was first released on 1st September 2022, which concluded on 14th March 2023. The developer looks to be continuing the three-month cycle with the Age of War, which Chapter 1 first arrived this June, and the upcoming Chapter 2 on the date mentioned above.

Conan Exiles Age Of War: Chapter Platform Releases

What is guaranteed is which platforms the Age of War Chapter 2 for Conan Exiles will be available on. The game is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games and Steam, with multiple expansions also available for these platforms.

conan exiles content guide age of war update game platforms pax east
The Age of War content update for Conan Exiles will be available to players on console and PC at launch in June 2023. (Picture: Funcom)

Additionally, the game has been optimized for current-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X\S and the PlayStation 5 consoles as of 2022. Therefore, the next game content update will be made available for these platforms mentioned above, with more information to be announced during the Developer Livestream.

Conan Exiles Age Of War Content News & Reveals

As for what's to come in the Age of War update, Funcom outlined its content roadmap, which will be split into three chapters, akin to the Age of Sorcery update. The first Chapter which launched on 22nd June 2023, saw a massive shift from the Age of Sorcery as the Age of War will primarily be combat-orientated.

Clan Hoards have been introduced in the first Chapter as the Stygian invasions within the Exiled Lands inspire this combat mode. Clans will collect and stockpile treasure within their treasure rooms, new building structures coming with the update and safeguarding them from invading clans.

Clans can find these treasures throughout the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah but must do everything possible to find these treasures and protect them. This will also see Clan Emblems added to the game, making it easier to identify your clan, which new workbenches will arrive for players to produce their emblems for banners, shields, and more.

conan exiles content guide age of war update content roadmap clan hoards purges pvp sieges
Funcom unveiled its content roadmap for the Age of War update, which includes Clan Hordes, revamped Purge, and PvP Sieges. (Picture: Funcom)

Chapter 2 will primarily be based on improving existing content and features and will continue the story introduced in Chapter 1. Purges will get a massive reworking, and your treasure coffer will serve as the main "centerpiece" for the Purges, whereby if you speak with your treasurer, it will spread the word throughout the Exiled Lands and gain attention from possible challengers.

According to the developer post, there will be threat levels ranging from Level 1 to 10, which could be expanded on at a later date. Nevertheless, this should give you the opportunity to reinforce your defenses before initiating a Purge, as higher-leveled enemies can make defending your treasures even harder.

Additionally, Chapter 2 will see a refreshed Bazaar with new content added to the in-game Shop for players to acquire. Likewise, a brand new Battle Pass will also be included in the latest update, with details on its contents to be revealed once more information becomes available.

The Age of War Chapter 2 update launched on 21st September 2023 across all available platforms. Conan Exiles is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.