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Conan Exiles Devs Discuss More Maps In Future Updates

With two official maps available for Conan Exiles, developer Funcom discusses if more maps could be added in future updates.
Conan Exiles Devs Discuss More Maps In Future Updates

Conan Exiles currently features two official maps in-game: the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, the latter of which was released post-launch. Since the game's official release, dozens of player-created maps have found their way to the game, including the widely popular Savage Wilds.

Following the release of the Age of War Chapter 1 for console and PC, we chatted with Conan Exiles' Lead Designer, Dennis Douthett, and discussed features arriving in-game through future updates. Douthett discussed a few exploration and environment features that may be added or expanded on, including some related to the game's map.

It's known within the Conan Exiles community that players have wanted an expansion to its current map since the Isle of Siptah map launch. The map was first released through Steam's Early Access in September 2020 before its full release in May 2021; however, many cited that not enough content has been added to Siptah since.

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Currently, players can get to grips with the brutal world of Conan Exiles on its two official maps, including the Isle of Siptah. (Picture: Funcom)

This looks to change as, according to Douthett, there are plans regarding maps which should excite the player base. While development on the Isle of Siptah was extensive, the developer included as much content possible at launch, including new bosses, maelstroms, unique biomes, and, more recently, treasures.

The Isle of Siptah has a massive amount of content we packed into it throughout development. It's different content than the Exiled Lands, but that's really Siptah's goal! Instead of being more of the same, it's another unique adventure you can have in Conan Exiles.

While the developers have no plans to add focused content for the Isle of Siptah that "won't also go into the Exiled Lands," they have been thinking about another aspect to add to the existing map. Given the nature of the Exiled Lands, which Douthett described as a "prison" that traps players within its environment, this technically should prevent them from moving outside the Exiled Lands.

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Will Funcom expand the world of Conan Exiles by adding more maps in-game? (Picture: Twitter / Conan Exiles)

According to our exclusive interview with Douthett, connectable maps will allow players to "move to another map" if forgoing their existing "foundational architecture" for the game. "We would need more maps to justify this, as there are presently only two official maps and a handful of modded maps (on PC only). If we continue to develop new maps, I'm sure it's a topic we'll have to cover again."

We weren't given a timeline for when we can expect these features regarding the in-game maps, or on their development process, but as Douthett stated, it is a topic to be revisited sometime in the future. For now, players can grab the Isle of Siptah map expansion or the available map mods, like the Savage Wilds available for Conan Exiles.