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How To Get Sigils On Isle Of Siptah In Conan Exiles

Sigils are semi-permanent buffs that can enhance various perks, attacks, HP, Stamina, and more. Here are all Sigil locations in Conan Exiles.
How To Get Sigils On Isle Of Siptah In Conan Exiles

Sigils are character items resembling talismans that provide semi-permanent effects and buffs to various crafted equipment like armor and weapons. Once applied, their effects will last until your character perishes, which you’ll need to reapply to get the buffs.

If you plan to spend ample time on the Isle of Siptah, you’ll need to learn where to get Sigils and gain their buffs immediately. This guide explores what they are and how to get Sigils on the Isle of Siptah for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

All Sigils On Isle Of Spitah In Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery Locations

Acquiring any Sigil can only be found on the Isle of Siptah, and there are 14 Sigils to track throughout this region. Each Sigil provides a different effect which depending on your build, can increase various stats, weapons, and armor or grant unique bonuses.

conan exiles sigils guide how to get where to get isle of siptah effects buffs combat attacks
Various Sigils, like the Sigil of the Twice-Drowned, grants you the ability to use less Stamina for around 25% of attacks. (Picture: Funcom)

Finding these Sigils will see you navigating various dungeons and defeating bosses that reside, which lets you collect their dropped loot and raid any chests nearby. While this is inconvenient, the alternative is to cast the Word of Power: Invisibility Self spell, which lets you become invisible, ideal for stealth missions, but it will disappear once in combat.

This will come at the cost of Corruption, which can consume your Health and Stamina levels, so bringing an Entertainer Thrall can assist in cleansing the Corruption. Cast the Invisibility spell once inside a dungeon, and depending on how much Corruption is gained, you have limited time to sneak past enemies but ensure not to interact with them until you’ve reached the boss, as you’ll lose your invisibility.

Below we’ve detailed all the Sigils you can obtain, their effects, and their locations marked on the interactive map for the Isle of Siptah:

All Isle Of Siptah Sigils In Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery:
  • Sigil of the Bat (N8): Located inside the Bastion of the Bat-demons vault
    • The ability to jump farther after sprinting for three seconds
  • Sigil of the Demon (F9): Found inside the Demesne of the Demon Spiders vault, east of the Claws
    • Reduces Stamina when running long distances
  • Sigil of the Outsider (I12): Northeast from the Coldheart Ruins, this Sigil is nestled inside the Asylum of the Outsiders vault
    • removes Corruption every ten seconds from your HP
  • Sigil of the Fiend (K8): The Asylum of the Fiends vault is located northeast of the Haven of the Cursed, where the Sigil can be acquired inside
    • Should you die, this Sigil sacrifices itself to prevent you from losing the remaining Sigils
  • Sigil of Jhil's Brood (F11): Head southwest from the Old Smugglers Route, enter the Volary of Jhil vault, and defeat the boss to claim the Sigil
    • Reduce 75% of fall damage, but it will affect your Stamina
  • Sigil of the Drowned (E12): The Harbor of the Drowned can be located southwest of Sweetwater Lake
    • A percentage of damage taken is converted to Carrying Capacity
  • Sigil of the Twice-Drowned (E7): Navigate the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned, located southwest of Asura’s Sight, where the Sigil can be earned once the boss is defeated
    • 25% of attacks will use less Stamina
  • Sigil of the Goblin (K10): Travel to the Refuge of the Goblinoids vault found south of The Artificer's Chasm
    • This increases your Strength over time.
  • Sigil of the Gremlin (H7): This Sigil can be acquired within the Refuge of the Gremlins vault, northeast of Costigan's Bluff
    • Increases your harvesting power
  • Sigil of the Harpy (E10): Head to the Volary of the Harpy vault north from the Bridge of the Penitent
    • The ability to slide down walls while clinging to them without falling
  • Sigil of the Serpent (C9): Explore the Sanctuary of the Serpent vault, east of the Tears of Xanarus, to obtain this specific Sigil
    • Removes all and stacked Poison effects every two seconds
  • Sigil of the Snakemen (M10): Found north from The Southwood location, the Sanctuary of the Snakemen vault houses this particular Sigil
    • Removes all and stacked Bleed effects every two seconds).
  • Sigil of the Wolf-brothers (M8): West of The Circle of Ros-krana, head inside the Den of the Wolf-brothers vault to find the Sigil
    • All Mounts use less Stamina.
  • Sigil of the Wolfmen (M12): Travel north from The Northwood and locate the Den of the Wolfmen vault, where you can defeat the boss inside to get the Sigil
    • Gain 20 HP for each enemy kill

And that completes this guide on all Sigil locations on the Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel Papa Mazda for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.