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Conan Exiles Purge Explained: How To Start & Survive A Purge

Purges are a unique experience in which enemies target your base, but how do they work, and what are the best strategies to use in Conan Exiles?
Conan Exiles Purge Explained: How To Start & Survive A Purge
(Picture: Funcom)

Purges are a PvE event that occurs within Conan Exiles, where enemy NPCs were previously sent to randomized locations in the form of a raid. Arriving in the Age of War Chapter 2 update, the new changes to Purges will be tied to the Treasure Coffers, as now enemies can launch attacks aimed at your structures, buildings, and anything nearby to retrieve the treasures.

It's more complex than enemies sent to your base and start attacking as you'll need to perform some activities for it to be triggered and, depending on your server settings, can determine if you'll survive the Purge. We've explained in this guide what Purges are, how to trigger them, and the best strategies to utilize in Conan Exiles.

What Are Purges In Conan Exiles Explained

conan exiles game modes guide purges pve experience buildings structures enemy attacks
Enemies and creatures will attack anything in their line of sight, including all buildings, if not protected. (Picture: Funcom)

The main objective of Purges is for you and your fellow clan members to team up in repelling these attacks, which may be rewarding should you survive the Purge. Surviving a Purge is part of the Purge Defender Journey, for which completing all steps earns you the Golden Stygian Raiden Armor blueprints.

According to the developer post on the revamped Purges, triggering a Purge will involve your Treasure Coffers, which was introduced in the Age of War Chapter 1. Players must visit and speak with their treasurer, who will proclaim “your wealth to the world,” which may attract unwanted attention from the Stygians.

With this change, players must reinforce their bases using various defensive troops, traps, and explosive weaponry to thwart any attempts to access their bases to steal their treasures. In the Age of War Chapter 3, the developer will add archery troops to better defend your base from foot soldiers lurking around the walls.

According to the developer post, the PvE Purges will also have a few new mechanics in this update whereby they will “have a narrative foundation” and involve the different types of enemies or Purge Attackers that will appear at the foot of your base. Depending on your difficulty level, lower-level players will see enemies like Khitan Headhunters and pirates, while higher-level players will go toe-to-toe with Elite Stygian forces.

conan exiles game modes guide purges pve experience hand of war campsite looting treasure chests
Once all Purge Attacker waves have been defeated, players will face off against the Hand of War, which defeating him ends the Purge activity. (Picture: Funcom)

As such, players must place the best T4 Fighter Thralls to defend their base and attack incoming enemies. They will need to continuously attack enemies from attempting to locate your Treasure Room and stealing the treasures contained, so you’ll need to stop them in their tracks.

Additionally, they will destroy almost anything and everything to acquire the treasures, which players must be mindful of. This Purge will continue until all the waves of Purge Attackers have been defeated, in which the Hand of War will appear to challenge you, and he’ll bring his troops to defeat you.

Once the Hand of War has been defeated, players must retrieve a key that allows them to loot the treasure chests available at their campsite. These looted treasures can be exchanged when visiting a brand new NPC vendor, Isscar the Sellsword, for which you can acquire various items he may have available or in stock, as details on his Inventory have yet to be revealed.

Lastly, in Chapter 3 of the Age of War, we will see new siege equipment, the aforementioned archery Thralls, which could help players best prepare for incoming Purges. Likewise, new features, mechanics, and settings will be introduced in Chapter 3, enhancing the combat experience for Purges and Clan Hoards.

The Age of War Chapter 2 update launched on 21st September 2023 across all available platforms. Conan Exiles is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.