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Conan Exiles Secret Passages: How To Get Aquilonian Secret Passages Set

Want to create a secret room? This can be done by acquiring the Aquilonian Secret Passages set, as we explain how to get it in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Secret Passages: How To Get Aquilonian Secret Passages Set

The Bazaar is Conan Exiles’ in-game shop where players can acquire a variety of items that are available on a rotational basis. These items range from unique armor, emotes, pets, building materials, and furnishings, which the latter has a set allowing you to create secret passages.

As for how to create a secret passage will require them to use their Crom Coins to purchase this furnishing set. That being said, here’s how to get the Aquilonian Secret Passages set in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

How To Get Secret Passages In Conan Exiles?

To begin creating secret passages in your home base, you’ll need to acquire the furnishings that allow you to achieve this. Available from the in-game shop, Bazaar, you’ll need to purchase the Aquilonian Secret Passages furnishing set using Croms, the in-game currency, to confirm the purchase.

conan exiles building guide secret passage how to get aquilonian secret passages set bazaar in game shop
The Aquilonian Secret Passages Set can be purchased from the Bazaar using Crom Coins. (Picture: YouTube / Pixelcave)

This set will give you various furnishings to decorate your home base's interiors or hide valuable loot from prying eyes. These items included in this furnishing set are the Hidden Door: Bookcase, Hidden Door: Carpet, and Hidden Door: Wardrobe items.

Each furnishing item will require a door or a hatch frame, with dimensions unclear as of writing, to be placed on the ground or along a wall surface. These items can replace standard doors and hatches; however, they can’t be placed freely on the ground or floor as they must meet specific requirements.

Once purchased, they are located within the Knowledge tab under Ancestral Knowledge, which learning this feat gives you the blueprints which let you craft the items. At the Construction Hammer, you will need various resources to craft every item available in this furnishing set, as we’ve provided all the necessary resources below:

  • Hidden Door: Bookcase: Shaped Wood x4 and Steel Reinforcements x3
  • Hidden Door: Carpet: Shaped Wood x4 and Steel Reinforcements x3
  • Hidden Door: Wardrobe: Shaped Wood x4 and Steel Reinforcements x3
conan exiles building guide secret passage how to get aquilonian secret passages set connecting rooms
You can create a secret passage between connecting rooms using either the wardrobe or bookcase. (Picture: YouTube / Pixelcave)

Each furnishing piece is intended to conceal hidden treasures but can also create secret areas and passages within your home. We advise not using them in PvP servers as any player can hover over the furnishing to reveal their purpose and gain access to your secret room or hidden loot.

Another valuable insight when placing these crafted furnishings in your home is that they can be placed in a corner; however, the edge can be visible beside walls. If you want to put them below a roof or ceiling, it can be done by building the roof or ceiling before moving the bookcase or wardrobe beneath it.

Regarding door frames, the bookcase and wardrobe items are compatible with every type of door frame available, including modded versions and DLCs. You can store items within the wardrobe furnishing item as it provides some storage capacity and can block the secret passage.

And that completes this guide on how to create secret passages in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Pixelcave for the complete walkthrough on achieving this in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.