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Does Conan Exiles Have Split Screen Co-Op

If you want to share your screen with friends through local co-op, you'll want to read this guide to find out if Conan Exiles has split-screen support.
Does Conan Exiles Have Split Screen Co-Op

Since its launch in 2018, developer Funcom has made plenty of quality-of-life improvements while introducing new features and mechanics to add to the overall gameplay experience for Conan Exiles. As the game is an online multiplayer experience, it can be enjoyed playing solo; however, it should be played with other players online to reap the rewards.

Most notably, community members have been asking the developer to add one highly requested feature: split-screen support to enjoy local co-op with friends at home. This guide explains whether there is split-screen support enabled in Conan Exiles.

Is There Split-Screen Support For Conan Exiles?

Unfortunately for players, there is no split-screen support to report on, which was clearly labeled in the game’s post on the official Funcom forum. While it has been five years since its full release for PC and console, developer Funcom had since not made this feature available, meaning the game doesn’t support local co-operative (co-op) play.

conan exiles features guide split screen support is there local co-op available
Since its full release, Funcom has not made split-screen support available for Conan Exiles. (Picture: Funcom)

This is primarily due to the game being fully supportive of online multiplayer, which allows players to join either a public server or a privately created server. This makes Conan Exiles an online co-op game as players can survive The Exiled Lands together, fortifying their bases and defending against enemy players and AI-controlled enemies in PvE modes like Purges.

As for whether the developer has plans to launch a local co-op mode in the future for Conan Exiles, they’ve entirely written off any plans for such a mode. This was bluntly detailed in the Funcom forum post, which stated that ”there are no plans to allow for this feature.”

conan exiles features guide split screen support online servers pve pvp
The game does feature online multiplayer modes with servers currently available for PvP and PvE experiences. (Picture: Funcom)

While a small section of the Conan Exiles community has been asking for split-screen support since its launch, theoretically, it’s possible; however, it's not advised. According to one post on the Funcom forum, removing the “leash co-op” can be done to “reprogram” the game; however, as many have pointed out, it’s simply not feasible.

So, if you wish to hop onto one of the available public servers, three official servers accommodate your playstyle and preferences: PvP, PvE, and PvP Blitz. You’ll have to abide by the server rules and settings outlined by the respective admins; however, to join unofficial servers, you can check out the Reddit forum Conan Exiles Servers for threads dedicated to servers worldwide.