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Conan Exiles Age Of War Developer Livestream: Start Time Countdown & What To Expect

The Exiled Lands will be ushered into its Next Age as developer Funcom releases new details for their next major Developer Livestream.
Conan Exiles Age Of War Developer Livestream: Start Time Countdown & What To Expect

With the culmination of Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery concluded in a near-cataclysmic battle, the Exiled Lands is still recovering in the aftermath of the chaos and destruction left in its wake. Looking to usher in a new age in the Exiled Lands, it’s rumored that a new threat may be coming soon to prepare for.

Developer Funcom will be hosting its next Developer Livestream later this May as they peel back the curtain to unveil what’s next for the survival game. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Developer Livestream and the subsequent Age of Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Developer Livestream – Start & End Date And Time

The latest Developer Livestream was scheduled for 22nd May 2023 at 5 pm CEST / 3 pm UTC / 11 am ET / 8 am PT. The livestream can be watched on the official Funcom Twitch and YouTube channels, hosted by Funcom’s Lead Designer, Dennis Douthett, and their Senior Community Managers, Andy Benditt and Nicole Rasner.

Based on the recent developer blog post, we can confirm that this Developer Livestream will focus on what the future of Conan Exiles will be. This mainly pertains to the next Age for the survival game by highlighting all the new story content, cosmetics, Battle Pass system, and new features, along with an official release date.

Conan Exiles Developer Livestream Countdown Timer

As stated, the next Developer Livestream will occur on 22nd May 2023 at 5 pm CEST / 4 pm BST / 11 am ET / 8 am PT on Twitch and YouTube. While we’ll know more about the upcoming Age arriving at Conan Exiles, we may also know to learn its official title and its release date and time.

With a plethora of content, likely including a new story, Battle Pass, armor, weapons, and more, it’s almost certain the next game update will feature more bug fixes, adjustments, and optimizations to improve the game’s quality of life further. To keep up-to-date with when the next livestream will take place, you can follow our official countdown time for the livestream below:

Conan Exiles The Next Age Developer Livestream
3 days, 21:10:32

What To Expect From The Conan Exiles Developer Livestream?

Not much is known about what the next chapter of Conan Exiles will entail; however, they’ve partnered with various content creators to provide some details and clues. Over the next few days, these content creators will upload VODs or host livestreams “sharing unique teasers” about what’s to come at these dates and times listed below:

  • KiahOnFire: 17th May 2023 at 7 pm CEST / 5 pm UTC / 1 pm ET / 10 am PT
  • wak4863: 18th May 2023 at 5 pm CEST / 3 pm UTC / 11 am ET / 8 am PT
  • JordeeKai: 19th May 2023 at 11 pm CEST / 9 pm UTC / 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT
  • sema_: 20th May 2023 at 6 pm CEST / 4 pm BST / 12 pm ET / 9 am PT
conan exiles developer livestream guide schedule exclusive teaser
The first exclusive teaser for the next Age of Conan Exiles was revealed during a livestream by content creator, KiahOnFire. (Picture: Twitter / Conan Exiles)

Aside from the exclusive reveals and teasers, any official or confirmed information will be announced by Funcom through their social media channels. Players must follow the content creators mentioned above and wait for the livestream on 22nd May 2023.