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Conan Exiles Hide Guide: How To Make And Use Thick Hide

Thick hide is essential for crafting various armor pieces and sets, as we've detailed how to get and use this valuable material in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Hide Guide: How To Make And Use Thick Hide

As your journey through The Exiled Lands progress, so will the enemies you’ll encounter, and as such, you’ll need to best protect yourself from their attacks and the harsh weather conditions. This entails you having to craft armor pieces and sets using various materials.

Thick hide is one of these materials used for making armor; however, acquiring it can sometimes be tricky, if not dangerous. If you want to learn more about thick hide, we’ve explored how to get this material and best use it for crafting in Conan Exiles.

How To Get Thick Hide In Conan Exiles?

Thick hide is a material many players have difficulty acquiring, especially for the mid to late game, as it allows you to craft enhanced armor, weapons, and other equipment. While it doesn’t find much value early game; however, it’s essential for you to start gathering as much of this material as possible to avoid struggling once you need it most.

conan exiles materials guide thick hide how to get how to make hunting animals
Hunting specific animals like Elk King and elephants are known to drop hides which can be converted into Thick Hide. (Picture: Funcom)

As some players will know, the thick hide can be crafted from animal hide, a loot drop after defeating larger animals and creatures throughout The Exiled Lands. More specifically, locating animals such as bears, elephants, gorillas, mammoths, and rhinos has been known to drop this material along with other valuable resources like bones, furs, and pelts.

Regarding the best spawning locations, along with a skinning knife farming tool, you can track down the animals as mentioned above at specific areas in The Exiled Lands. These areas include Rhinohorn Ridge (B6), south of Carrowmore (B12), and Swagger Rock (G7), where you can find plenty of bears, elephants, gorillas, mammoths, and rhinos.

After obtaining the specific animal hide, you can place the hide on the Tannery and have the Thrall turn them into Thick Hide. However, the best option is to take the animal hides and put them on the Tanner’s Table to get Thick Hide as this method is known to give you more Thick Hide than the previous method.

How To Use Thick Hide In Conan Exiles?

conan exiles materials guide thick hide how to use crafting armor
Crafting various armor pieces and sets is the most well-known use for thick hide. (Picture: Funcom)

As stated, the thick hide is used to craft armor, weapons, and other useful pieces of equipment in Conan Exiles. Likewise, thick hide, medium padding, and Eldarium make several items from the Black Privateer, Chieftain, Gladiator, and Savanger-fur armor sets like gloves, chest pieces, bracers, and boots.

It’s also used to upgrade the Acheronian Legate armor set to Epic rarity using Perfected Light Padding and Layed Silk to craft. Dismantling thick hide, however, will give you thick leather and tar, which can be used in crafting applications like making the Leather Pouches and Steelfire.

And that completes this guide on thick hide in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Gaming Tutorials with Johny for the complete tutorial on getting and using thick hide in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.