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How To Craft Thin Armor Plating In Conan Exiles

This guide shows you how to craft Thin Armor Plating, which strengthens armor value and protects you in battle when applied in Conan Exiles.
How To Craft Thin Armor Plating In Conan Exiles

Thin Armor Plating is a set of strengthened armor plates designed to absorb strong attacks and blows from enemies. These plates are fixed to the existing armor, mainly the chest piece, which increases its durability and strength, making you survive an encounter longer.

As for how to get Thin Armor Plating will task you in unlocking a specific crafting recipe or blueprint, which gains you access to the equipment upgrade. This guide details how to craft the Thin Armor Plating and how to use it in Conan Exiles.

How To Get Thin Armor Plating In Conan Exiles?

Given its importance, armor plating comes in various types or tiers: Thin Armor Plating, Armor Plating, and Thick Armor Plating. Each tier of armor plating will increase your armor value by a certain percentage, which your armor value increases by four once the Thin Armor Plating is applied.

conan exiles armor guide thin armor plating how to craft enemies wights
Applying Armor Plating can increase the armor's strength, protecting you in battle. (Picture: Funcom)

To acquire or learn the blueprint for Thin Armor Plating, you must unlock the Apprentice Armorsmith Knowledge at Level 26. Once unlocked, you’ll learn various crafting blueprints, including Armor Reduction Kit, Simple Armor Flexibility Kit, the Tinker’s Bench, and the Thin Armor Plating.

Crafting Thin Armor Plating is relatively straightforward, but you must farm or harvest the required materials to craft this equipment upgrade. You’ll need ten Plant Fibers and five Twine, and place the items in the Crafting Queue at the Tinker’s Bench to get one Thin Armor Plating.

After crafting this equipment upgrade, you’ll receive 135 XP just for making one armor plating which you apply to any armor piece or set. Should the quality and durability of armor gets low, you may use any Armor Patch Kit that can restore your armor’s durability by up to 100%, but it cannot fix broken armor.

conan exiles armor guide thin armor plating how to craft thralls
You can enlist a Thrall to craft Thin Armor Platings before upgrading your armor. (Picture: Funcom)

You’ll need to craft the Thin Armor Plating as a step for the Tinkerer Journey, in which you can unlock the Prying Kit as a reward. Additionally, you are required to apply the Thin Armor Plating to any armor piece to complete a step.

And that completes this guide on crafting the Thin Armor Plating in Conan Exiles. The Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 14th March 2023.