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Thralls Crafting Guide In Conan Exiles - Types & Locations

Learn how to craft and use Thralls in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery, including all the different types and where to find them.
Thralls Crafting Guide In Conan Exiles - Types & Locations

The highly anticipated Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery update has many new features and mechanics for new and veteran players to enjoy. With the new 3.0 update, Thralls are a must-have to do your dirty work, including defending your territory and cooking your meals.

There are many different types of Thralls that you can find throughout The Exiled Lands. This guide will detail how to craft and capture Thralls in Conan Exiles 3.0. We'll also list all the Thrall types, their locations, and how to use them.

How to Craft Thralls in Conan Exiles

New players might be confused about what purpose Thralls serve in the game. Thralls are NPC characters in Conan Exiles that you can capture and enslave. Under your command, Thralls can be compelled to craft items or defend your base from enemy attacks.

how to get thralls in conan exiles age of sorcery
Thralls can be used for various tasks in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. (Picture: Funcom)

Thralls will only be available to players Level 10 or higher. Once you are at a suitable skill level, you can use the Thrall Taker Skill to capture and enslave Thralls in Conan Exiles.

There are four levels of Thralls: Levels I, II, III, and Name Thralls. Upgrading your Thrall will reduce the time it takes them to craft your items. After you’ve captured a Thrall, you will need to create a Lesser Wheel of Pain, Wheel of Pain, or Greater Wheel of Pain to tame them.

You can make this item in the Crafting Station under the Companions icon, as shown in the image above. The materials needed are 200x Wood, 200x Stone, 50x Iron Bar, and 50x Twine. 

how to craft thrall in conan exiles wheel of pain
A Wheel of Pain is designed to keep your Thralls passive to enslave them. (Picture: Funcom)

How to Capture Thralls in Conan Exiles

To capture a Thrall in Conan Exiles, you will need a blunt object to hack at the white/blue bar above its health bar. Then, when the Thrall is unconscious, you can drag them back to where you have placed your Lesser Wheel of Pain. Thus begins the process of enslaving them.

Once you’ve placed your captured Thrall on the Wheel of Pain, you will need Food. The easiest food item to create is Gruel, using Plant Fibre and Seed; you can make this item at any Cooking Station.

how to capture and feed thrall in conan exiles 3
Use blunt weapons to render the Thrall unconscious. (Picture: Funcom)

After you’ve created Gruel, place the item in the Wheel of Pain along with your captured Thrall and hit the play button. Creating various Thralls requires different amounts of time to break.

Tip: Taskmaster Thralls can be placed at the Wheel of Pain and Torturer’s Worktable to decrease the time it takes to make a Thrall break. 

conan exiles how to tame thrall
Place a Taskmaster at your Wheel of Pain to reduce the time it takes to break your captured Thrall. (Picture: Funcom)

Conan Exiles - All Thrall Types & Locations

Thralls have various races, each residing in different parts of the map in Conan Exiles; this can make locating all the different types of Thralls particularly challenging. But don't worry.

This list details the exact location of every Thrall and how to find them.

Name of Thrall Type Use At Location
Vanko the Fearsome Taskmaster / Slaver Place at a Wheel of Pain or Torturer's Worktable. Pirate Ship: Dancer Area
Sayd Secretkeeper Alchemist Place at an Alchemist's Bench. Volcano: Terrace of the Tenders
Freya  Archer Guards areas. Freya’ Hovel.
Irniz of the Furnace Armorer Place at an Armorer's Bench. Pirate ship: Crafter Area.
Amzadi the Wanderer Bearer Increased inventory. Set City: Dancer Area.
Beri  Blacksmith Place at a Blacksmith's Bench. Freya’s Hovel.
Ros-Crana o’ the Dells Carpenter Place at a Carpenter's Bench. The Den.
Ennis the Gobbler Cook Place at a Campfire. Volcano: Terrace of the Tenders.
Ionna the Seductress Entertainer Removes corruption and provides a health buff. The Den.
Captain Ioushuwa Fighter Guards areas. Pirate Ship.
Valenso Da Reyn Tanner Place at a Tannery. Pirate Ship: Upper Deck.
Idra Sparkeyes Smelter Place at a Furnace. Pirate Ship: Crafter Area.
Yakira  Priest Derketo Place at a Pleasure Place of Derketo. Pagoda of Boundless Lust.
Nunu the Cannibal Priest  Yog Place at a Pit of Yog. Shaman’s Rise.
The Outcast Priest Ymir Place at an Altar to Ymir. The Outcast Camp.
Mek-kamoses Priest  Set Place at a Sepulcher of Set.  Mek-kamoses’s Spire.
Priest Jhebbal Sag ? Place at a Bower of Jhebbal Sag.  The Den
Muriela the Artisan Priest  Mitra Place at a Shrine of Mitra.  Muriela’s Hope.