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Where To Find The Tome Of Kurak In Conan Exiles

The Tome of Kurak is important for mastering sorcery in the Exiled Lands. Here's how to find it in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.
Where To Find The Tome Of Kurak In Conan Exiles

Since the launch of the 3.0 update for Conan Exiles, aptly named the Age of Sorcery, a wave of sorcery and magic took over the Exiled Lands. The patch also allows players to learn the art of sorcery and decide their fate by choosing the light or the dark side and how far they will go to become powerful sorcerers.

At the center of sorcery is the Tome of Kurak, a spell book through which you can learn various sorceries and spells. However, many new players wonder how to find the Tome of Kurak in Conan Exiles. Fortunately, acquiring it is relatively straightforward. This guide will detail everything to know about obtaining this vital item and the best way to use the Tome of Kurak in Conan Exiles.

Where Is The Tome Of Kurak In Conan Exiles: Location

The Tome of Kurak is the focal point for those wishing to learn and master sorcery in the Exiled Lands, making it one of the most important items to wield in the game. Introduced in the Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery update last September, this magical item can be easily located as you navigate the world and find a specific area to begin your search. But where exactly is the Tome of Kurak located?

To find the Tome of Kurak, head to the Shaleback Hollow and find the Riverwatch Keep area nearby a bridge just below the Unnamed City. Here, you can find a cave entrance. After heading inside, you’ll encounter corrupted enemies, which can be avoided by jumping over or to the side but keep an eye on your stamina meter.

conan exiles items guide tome of kurak location riverwatch keep cave shaleback hollow thaumaturgy bench
Locate a cave at Riverwatch Keep in Shaleback Hollow and find the sorcerer's chamber to get the Tome of Kurak. (Picture: YouTube / KiahOnFire)

Follow the route deep into the cave until you find a sorcery or sorcerer's chamber, and take the footbridge leading to the center of the chamber (the enemies will stop following you at this point). Here you’ll find a lone bench where you can pick up an Arcane Staff, five Burlap Pouches, the Tome of Kurak, and a few basic Sorceries.

The Tome of Kurak is essentially your spell book, and you’ll need to keep this equipped to your character as upgrading the tome unlocks new Tome Items, Spells, and Abilities. Additionally, this item can be upgraded using sorcery items, including the Sorcerous Pages you can collect or farm, which will be listed on the tome once you’ve crafted the Thaumaturgy Bench.

How To Upgrade Tome Of Kurak In Conan Exiles

To upgrade the Tome of Kurak in Conan Exiles to its maximum level, you’ll need to find all the necessary sorcery items and upgrade it 15 times to have acquired all the Tome Items, Spells, and Abilities. We have previously detailed which items are required to upgrade the tome, and as mentioned before, it is primarily used alongside a staff to cast or summon spells.

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