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Where Is Arms Race In Counter-Strike 2?

It looks like a popular game mode from CS:GO is missing from Counter-Strike 2.
Where Is Arms Race In Counter-Strike 2?

It has been a very long time since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released. This game was released back in 2012, and it is one of the most popular esports on the planet. Now Counter-Strike 2 is finally available for players to check out. CS2 has just been released, and players have a lot of excitement for this particular title.

One of the main reasons why players are so excited about CS2 is the fact that the maps that they are familiar with have gone through major upgrades. So it is not difficult to see what has changed and what has not. One unfortunate change that players are noticing is that the Arms Race game mode from CSGO is not in CS2.

Is Arms Race In CS2?

CS2 Arms Race
Arms Race was a very popular game mode for CSGO. (Picture: Valve)

Although CSGO was famous for the bomb planting and defending game mode, there were other game modes that fans really enjoyed. One of them was Arms Race. Arms Race is a game mode where players need to rack up kills using a particular gun. Players would get a gun upgrade for scoring enough kills with that gun. They would keep doing that until they killed with the Golden Knife.

This was a very popular game mode in CSGO, so is it in CS2? Sadly, Arms Race is not currently in CS2. For whatever reason, Valve has decided to leave out Arms Race from CS2. Maybe it is because they wanted to perfect the standard CS2 experience before adding other game modes. Either way, people cannot currently play Arms Race in CS2.

Is Arms Race Coming Back To CS2?

Arms Race Counter-Strike 2
CS2 could see Arms Race in the future but it is not announced at this time. (Picture: Valve)

As unfortunate as it is, Arms Race is currently missing from CS2. Even though that is the case, we have strong reason to believe that CS2 will get Arms Race in the future. The fact of the matter is that Arms Race was added at a later date, and there is no real reason to believe that the game mode would not come back.

There is also the fact that there were some leaks in the past that showed updated versions of Shoots and Leaked Baggage, two maps that were used for Arms Race. At the moment, neither map currently exists in CS2, but if the leaks are true, then Arms Race is currently in development. It may take a while before we see Arms Race in CS2.