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The Best CS2 Stickers 2023

Come and check out the best Counter-Strike stickers in 2023!
The Best CS2 Stickers 2023

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is full of great gloves and skins, yet the most overlooked part of the title is the stickers; except Katowice 2014, everyone loves them. Counter-Strike allows players to customize their weapons or skins by purchasing or unboxing stickers and placing them on their weapons. There are over one thousand different stickers within Counter-Strike. Whether they're Esport team stickers, player stickers, or generic stickers with cool designs, Valve implements whatever they believe will make the fans happy. 

Although there is an abundance of stickers to choose from within Counter-Strike, finding the ideal sticker can be difficult due to the abundance of available on the market. Therefore, we've decided to hand-pick a couple of our favorites to help you decide what sticker to use on your weapons. This guide won't feature any overpriced stickers and will stay in the budget range. Please don't expect the value of your skin to improve with a sticker worth $0.20 on it, either! 


Best CS:GO Stickers: G2 Esports (Holo) | Stockholm 2021

The G2 Esports (Holo) | Stockholm 2021 sticker is perfect for four times crafts, making the weapon incredibly shiny and eye-catching to whoever uses your weapon or spectates you. Despite this sticker costing $7, multiple alternatives share almost the same design, with both 2022, 2023, and 2021 variants of the G2 Esports holo stickers. The repetition of this sticker on a weapon sticks out and shows creativity as most players resort to a messy collection of four different random stickers on their weapon, which is incredibly ugly. 

This sticker will specifically look amazing on any Print Stream series weapon, such as the Desert Eagle Print Stream, for this weapon you won't need to place a sticker on the handle because it's not always visible. If you are particularly interested in using G2-specific stickers, you're able to find the same design of sticker with the same effect within the Stockholm 2021 major collection, with similar signature stickers or team stickers taking the same approach of design. I wouldn't recommend these stickers on "realistic" weapon skins such as the safari mesh due to the sticker's overtness in comparison to more discreet skins. 


Best CS:GO Stickers: Battle Scarred 

The Battle Scarred comes in both holographic and paper variants, allowing players to choose between price and aesthetic. The sticker was incredibly popular upon the release of the Broken Fang Operation, with players placing this sticker on the scope of their AWP rifles. This is because the AWP scope is usually black, regardless of the skin on the AWP. However, this sticker would spice the AWP up a little bit more due to the scope always appearing plain. The Battle Scarred sticker works great on all AWPs regardless of the skin, especially the holographic version of the sticker. This sticker can be picked up on the Steam market for $1-10 depending on the type of sticker you purchase: holographic or paper. 

The sticker also works perfectly on the handles of weapons, such as the AK-47 or the M4A1-S, with plenty of players taking up this placement. The only negative about this sticker is that it's generally quite popular amongst players, meaning it isn't rare to find a match where a player isn't using this sticker. However, if you enjoy the aesthetic and want to use it, you shouldn't concern yourself with what others may or may not be doing, just enjoy this great cheap sticker! 


Best CS:GO Stickers: Lambda (Holo)

The Lambda (holo) is perfect for filling up empty sticker spaces on any weapon, and whether it's colorful or colorless, the Lambda provides great company on any weapon. Unusually enough, because of the perfectly circular design and holographic effect, the sticker appears to work with any skin within Counter-Strike, hence why it's such a popular sticker in 2023. Players have also taken the Lambda sticker to fill empty spaces on their Katowice 2014 sticker craft skins, with players wanting a nice holographic effect, and the Lambda provides a nice quality. 

The Lambda sticker also represents the Half-Life logo, being one of Valve's most popular game series and having many Counter-Strike players aware of Half-Life and enjoyers of the game. This of course, has a great effect because players want to express their love for the Half-Life title, gaining the Lambda sticker the attention and love it currently obtains today. The sticker can be bought in multiple different variants, paper and holographic; however, if players decide to, they can also purchase a Lambda pin, player patch, or in-game graffiti.


Best CS:GO Stickers: Queen of Pain

The Queen of Pain is the cheapest and best sticker within Counter-Strike. This is because the sticker is a perfect addition to most pistol handles, especially default pistols. The generic darker colors allow the Queen of Pain sticker to blend into the weapon, allowing players to not feel too distracted by the sticker. The reason why this sticker is great for handles is to make any weapon feel slightly less boring. Every time a player inspects their weapon, this awesome sticker is revealed under the hand of the player. This sticker will cost players less than $1, making an easy and effortless purchase in comparison to most other stickers available within Counter-Strike. 

This sticker, unfortunately, doesn't work well with brighter color skins such as the Neon Rider AK-47 or AWP Fade, although the sticker works nicely with more low-key skins such as the safari mesh or default pistols. The best place to put this sticker is on the handles of default Counter-terrorist pistols. This is because the Counter-Terrorists have a blue overtone like the sticker. 


Best CS:GO Stickers: Honorable Mentions 

It would be incredibly unfair not to make a couple of honorable mentions for players who either didn't approve of this guide or want a little bit more inspiration. The following stickers will be a wide range of selection, ranging from meme stickers to aesthetical phenomenons. The prices between stickers will vary massively:

  • Sticker | Miami Tier6 (Holo)

  • Sticker | Gold Web (Foil)

  • Sticker | ESL (Foil) | Cologne 2015

  • Sticker | Vitality (Holo) | Stockholm 2021

  • Sticker | 100 Thieves (Foil) | 2020 RMR

These stickers are heavily used within Counter-Strike and are very popular for obvious reasons: they are great for collaborating with skins and other stickers. Players who desire really cheap stickers should look into the Paris 2023 sticker sale live on Counter-Strike Global Offensive right now, where Valve is selling very cheap sticker capsules for $0.25 per open!