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CS:GO Sparkles Opens $500k Katowice Capsules

Sparkles opens half-million dollars worth of capsules, with a twist.
CS:GO Sparkles Opens $500k Katowice Capsules
Sparkles / YouTube

Shortly after OhnePixel's incredible feat of opening two Katowice capsules, CS:GO skin influencer Sparkles has stepped up, opening fifteen capsules valued at $500,000 based on today's market value, according to BUFF163 merchants. Sparkles released the video on the same day as OhnePixel's opening. Whether this was to compete or merely a coincidence, we're currently unsure, but it's arguably the biggest news since Valve dropped Source 2 content.

The entire skin community benefits from these openings. The fewer the capsules, the rarer the stickers become due to their limited supply. Thousands of CS:GO players worldwide obtain 2014 Katowice sticker weapon crafts, although they likely don't own the originating capsules, given their hefty price tag of $20,000 each.

Most YouTubers earn a substantial income, but not many have a $500,000 budget per video, leading us to the crux of this story. Technically, Sparkles unboxed $500,000 worth of sticker capsules; however, these capsules are held in an account known as Marcel, which is currently banned.

This account holds over $1,000,000 worth of Katowice 2014 sticker capsules, but the VAC ban has essentially frozen these assets in time. The capsules are (technically) worthless unless the account is unbanned. Accounts with VAC bans seldom make comebacks, irrespective of their inventory value, making it highly unlikely these items will ever enter the market or turn a profit. This is presumably why Marcel allowed Sparkles to unbox the capsules.

Sparkles, being the kind-hearted individual that he is, compensated Marcel for access to the stickers and permission to open the capsules. Even though the capsules are worth $1M, Marcel wouldn't see a penny of this until his account is (hypothetically) unbanned. The amount Sparkles paid for access remains undisclosed, but a figure anywhere near $500,000 would be preposterous.

Marcel disclosed in the video that he paid less than $1 per sticker capsule, meaning he's already made a profit, just not a million dollars. Moreover, Marcel stated he would've sold the Katowice capsules for $10 each had they reached that price back in 2015. The odds of Marcel realizing his million are slim, but thanks to Sparkles, he's now a part of Counter-Strike history. His story has been shared, and top-notch content has been created.