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CS2 Kilowatt Case: All Skins, Prices & Kukri knife

What Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) fans need to know about the 17 skins in the Kilowatt Case, its price on the Steam Marketplace, and the Kukri Knife!
CS2 Kilowatt Case: All Skins, Prices & Kukri knife

Without warning, in the early hours of the morning on Feb. 7, 2024, Valve unleashed the massive "Call to Arms" update for Counter-Strike 2. Yes, we have the Arms Race game mode alongside the CS2 Kilowatt Case, a new Kukri Knife, and much more! It's live right now after you've downloaded an 8GB update via Steam.

Sure, Arms Race is exciting and fun, but let's face it, the thing many CS2 players care about the most is the new case and all the gun skins they can acquire. To this end, let's dive into the CS2 Kilowatt Case skin details, price on the Steam Marketplace,  and the Kukri Knife.

All Counter-Strike 2 Kilowatt Case Skins

CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins guns weapons zeus Prices Kukri knife Counter-Strike 2
We must have the new AK-47 skin, like right now! (Picture: Valve)

The Kilowatt Case (Container Series #393) is the first CS2 skin case and features the first-ever Zeus x27 skin! There are a total of 17 gun/weapon skins in the Kilowatt Case, and some are much rarer than others. 

In the table below, we outline the gun skins in the CS2 Kilowatt Case alongside their rarity level, so let's just pop a flash and rush B!

CS2 Gun/Weapon Kilowatt Case Skin CS2 Type & Rarity/Value
Dual Berettas Hideout Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
MAC-10 Light Box Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
Nova Dark Sigil Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
SSG 08 Dezastre Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
Tec-9 Slag Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
UMP-45 Motorized Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
XM1014 Irezumi Mil-Spec (Rare/Blue)
Glock-18 Block-18 Restricted (Mythical/Purple)
M4A4 Etch Lord Restricted (Mythical/Purple)
Five-SeveN Hybrid Restricted (Mythical/Purple)
MP7 Just Smile Restricted (Mythical/Purple)
Sawed-Off Analog Input Restricted (Mythical/Purple)
M4A1-S Black Lotus Classified (Legendary/Pink)
Zeus x27 Olympus Classified (Legendary/Pink)
USP-S Jawbreaker Classified (Legendary/Pink)
AWP Chrome Cannon Covert (Extraordinary/Red)
AK-47 Inheritance Covert (Extraordinary/Red)
Kukri Knife N/A Rare Special Item

CS2 Kilowatt Case Steam Marketplace Price

If you are looking to get more CS2 Kilowatt Cases quickly, you can always purchase some on the Steam Marketplace. The going rate at the time of writing is $10.54 (USD). When the Kilowatt Case was first released, the initial bunch put on the Steam Marketplace sold for $60 but quickly dropped to a more stable $10 price range.

How To Get CS2 Kukri Knife

CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins guns weapons zeus Prices Kukri knife Counter-Strike 2
What do you think about the new Kukri Knife in CS2? It seems fans are divided...(Picture: Valve)

The Kukri Knife is the first new knife type in CS2. Valve last released a knife type in CS:GO during the Operation Shattered Web era. The Kukri Knife description reads:

Used in traditional rituals such as weddings or stabbings, the Kukri knife features the twelve original knife finishes.

So, how do you get the Kukri Knife in CS2? The only way is to open many Kilowatt Cases until you get lucky, as it is the "Rare Special Item" in the Kilowatt Case, with an exceptionally low drop rate.

Kukri Knife Skins?

You can add the 12 current CS2 finishes to the Kukri Knife:

  • Fade
  • Blue Steel
  • Boreal Forest
  • Slaughter
  • Case Hardened
  • Forest DDPAT
  • Night Stripe
  • Scorched
  • Stained
  • Safari Mesh
  • Urban Masked
  • Crimson Web

Check out the video from YouTuber Anomaly below, featuring a discussion about the latest CS2 update and some Kilowatt Case openings!

Enjoy the new CS2 update, Arms Race, maps, and of course, the awesome gun skins in the Kilowatt Case! Maybe, just maybe, you will get lucky and find the Kukri Knife...