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How To Fix Counter-Strike 2 D3D Creating Error Not Launching

We explain how you can fix the Counter-Strike 2 D3D Creating error causing the game to not launch properly with our step-by-step guide.
How To Fix Counter-Strike 2 D3D Creating Error Not Launching

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, some players are unable to launch the game on Steam due to a CS2 D3D Creating error. This error has been around since the game's first Limited Test phase, and there have been multiple "fixes."

In this guide, we share the latest working Counter-Strike 2 D3D Creating error fix in the form of a launch command, which should allow you to run the game, so let's pop a flashbang and rush in!

CS2 D3D Creating Error: Fix Game Not Launching

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You can't click heads on Nuke if you have input delay in CS2, so fix it with relative ease! (Picture: Valve)

First off, there are many potential fixes that players have been pushing to alleviate the D3D Creating error when launching CS2 from "Verifying the Integrity of Game Files" to uninstalling and reinstalling CS2. You can also update your graphics card drivers, update Windows, attempt to run the game in Windowed Mode, and even remove launch options. 

None of these fixes can hurt, so if our steps below do not work, we suggest trying them out to fix the CS2 D3D Creating error and launch the game successfully.

We've found that the D3D Creating error occurs most often due to third-party software. Therefore, you can follow the steps below and add a specific launch option to CS2 via Steam to fix the error.

  • Close CS2.
  • Right-click on Counter-Strike 2 in your Steam library.
  • Select the "Properties" option.
  • On the left-hand side, select the "General" tab.
  • Under "Launch Options," you will find a text input box.
  • Type in "-allow_third_party_software"
  • Run CS2!

Please note that this might not work for everyone running into the D3D Creating error. However, multiple reports from players suggest that this command did allow them to run the game without further issues.

If you want to take a look at a visual guide to fixing the CS2 D3D Creating error stopping the game from launching via Steam, then check out YouTuber mad_maximo's no-nonsense video below.

So there you have it, a quick way to fix the D3D error when trying to launch Counter-Strike 2. We hope this helped! If more info becomes available or different methods are found, we will endeavor to update this article faster than s1mple can headshot opponents on Nuke.