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Idiling Will Not Get You Into The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test

For anyone who is trying to idle to get into the CS2 Limited Test, Valve has some bad news for you.
Idiling Will Not Get You Into The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test

Right now, the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test is happening, and players are reportedly enjoying the playtest. Counter-Strike is one of the most played FPS games in the entire world, and despite it being an older series, it is one of the most popular esports to watch. So the fact that CS2 is coming out, players cannot wait to get their hands on this game.

That is why players are doing what they can to qualify their Steam account to get into the CS2 Limited Test. There are a couple of requirements for players to get into the Limited Test, one of them being playtime. Some players have resorted to idling in CS:GO to get into the CS2 Limited Test. Unfortunately for these players, they might actually just be wasting their time.

Valve Says Idling To Get Into The CS2 Limited Test Does Not Work

CS2 Idling
Valve can see who is trying to idle to get into the CS2 Limited Test. (Picture: Valve)

To make sure that CS2 is in the best shape possible, Valve is having players join a Limited Test so they can sort out potential problems for the game. There are a couple of things that Valve is looking for when they are choosing players to join the limited test. Players should have a good amount of recent CS:GO playtime, good Steam account standing, be content creators, or even be brand new players. It seems like CS:GO players are trying to cheat the playtime requirement by idling in CS:GO lobbies.

The official CS2 Twitter account made an announcement for players trying to increase their playtime by idling in official CS:GO lobbies. They announced that the playtime that counted was the playtime before the CS2 Limited Test went live. So that means that idling in CS:GO right now is completely pointless. On top of that, it would not work as Valve can clearly see who is actively playing and who is not.

Is There Another Way To Get Into CS2 Limited Test?

CS2 Idling
Only the playtime before the Limited Test launched is considered as a factor for people to join the CS2 Limited Test. (Picture: Valve)

Unfortunately, there is no other way to get into the CS2 Limited Test. At the end of the day, Valve decides who gets in the Limited Test. As previously stated, Valve chooses the players getting into the CS2 for a reason. If you are not currently invited, that does not mean you never will be. The Limited Test is always bringing in new people so keep an eye out for a potential invitation.

But it could be worth waiting for either an Open Beta or the full launch of the game. CS2 is supposed to come out this summer, so it will be only a few months before the game is ready for the public. Until then, trying to cheat the system by idling in CS:GO is an actual waste of time, and Valve has said as much.