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CSGO Pro Twistzz: New Smokes Will Bring Depth To Counter-Strike 2

It seems like Faze Clan's Twistzz is very impressed with the new smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2.
CSGO Pro Twistzz: New Smokes Will Bring Depth To Counter-Strike 2

After all these years, it is real, and it is finally true. Counter-Strike was released 23 years ago, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive came out in 2012. But now it is time for Counter-Strike 2. CS2 will bring about a lot of new changes to the CS scene that players all over the world have been waiting for.

There are some lucky players that are getting to experience CS2 early thanks to the limited test that is happening. One of the players that got into the limited test is a professional CSGO player named Russel David Kevin (Twistzz) Van Dulken. He currently plays for FaZe Clan and says that one certain feature will bring new depth into the competitive scene.

The Feature That Twistzz Was Impressed By In CS2

CS2 Twistzz
The smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2 have seen a huge overhaul in how they work. (Picture: Valve)

Twistzz has been an active CSGO professional since 2015. He is very used to how the smoke grenades work in the game and is aware of the problems that they have due to how old the game is. Now that he has played the limited test, he is very excited about the new smokes in CS2.

Twistzz says that the new smokes are a huge improvement for competitive CS2. In CSGO, there are times when players do not see the same thing as the opponents when it comes to smokes. This could lead to the opposing team being able to see their opponents much easier than their opponents.

That was a huge problem due to the fact that limitations of the past made could make the game unfair for one side. But the smokes are different now, and they are much improved. Twistzz says that one-way smokes are entirely removed from his experience. This makes the game more competitive and better for everyone.

What Other Improvements Did Twistzz Enjoy About CS2?

CS2 Twistzz
The smoke grenades are now very dynamic and interact with the environment. (Picture: Valve)

Although the smokes were a major improvement in the depth of the game, it was not the only thing that he enjoyed about the playtest. He claims that CS2 is much more pleasing to look at while he is playing the game. It seems that the graphical updates were much needed for those who have been playing CSGO for so many years.

The combination of the new graphics and the new smokes is welcomed by players who want to enjoy CS2. Being able to clearly understand where the smoke is on the map is very important to make sure the game stays competitive and fair. It seems like Valve hit the mark when it came to improving the smoke grenades.