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How To Get Rid Of Bones In The Bathroom In Crow Country

Here's how you can get rid of the bones in Crow Country's bathroom's toilet and find the hidden secret.
How To Get Rid Of Bones In The Bathroom In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

Crow Country is full of secrets, and one of them is some mysterious bones inside a toilet in the amusement park's restrooms. You'll probably come across this creepy sight pretty early on in the game, as it's one of the first doors you can enter, but you won't be able to solve it until much later. Here's how to get rid of the bones in Crow Country's bathroom and find the secret hidden in there.

How To Get Rid Of The Bones In The Bathroom

To get the bones out of the bathroom in Crow Country, you'll need to dissolve them with acid. So, you'll need to have first activated the elevator to the underground area, as well as filled your Acid Bottle with the acid container down there, before you're able to remove the bones in the toilet. This is pretty late in the game, but you'll want to remember to come back and get this secret before you finish everything up. (It's also marked as a secret on the Secrets Map.)

bathroom crow country
The bathrooms are the first door you'll see in Crow Country, but you won't be able to solve the puzzle inside until much later. (Picture: SFB Games)

Once you've filled up your Acid Bottle with acid, head up to the bathroom and open the second stall. You can then pour some acid onto the bones and they'll immediately dissolve, letting you grab what's underneath.

Luckily, you'll have found some Magnum Ammo! This counts as one of the game's secrets, so if you're trying to find all 15, this will grant you some progress. You'll also need the acid for another puzzle, but don't worry - you won't need to refill your bottle or otherwise get more acid in order to complete it. Filling your bottle with acid once is enough to solve all of the puzzles that require this key item.