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The best USP-S skins in CS:GO

The USP-S is one of two Counter-Terrorist pistols and there are a few skins that stand out as the best for the weapon. This list includes the top five skins, their price and why they made the cut.
The best USP-S skins in CS:GO

Having new skins in CS:GO is something many people enjoy. Whether it is a newly-released case dropping a never-before-seen design or an iconic skin that has taken time to save for or multiple trades to acquire, everyone has their favourites.

With so many weapons and even more options for how to deck out your inventory, it can be hard to know which skins to purchase.

To help with the difficult decision regarding the USP-S, your trusty sidearm on the CT side, GINX have put together a list, in no particular order, of the best five USP-S skins currently in CS:GO!


1. Flashback


Obtained from: Danger Zone Case

Rarity: Restricted (Purple)

Cost: £1.45 ($1.84) Factory New

The best budget option for the USP, this skin has a matching M4A1-S and keeps some realism for those that enjoy coordinated or realistic cosmetics.

Flashback is inspired by the Vietnam War and the 1960s with the peace symbol on the handle and the numbers 67-69 representing the years during the conflict before President Richard Nixon's 'Vietnamization' policy.

Some of the words on the Flashback include 'SHHH!', 'BORN TO CLUTCH', 'BANG SWITCH' and 'PRESS THIS' scrawled in white across it.


2. Kill Confirmed


Obtained from: Shadow Case

Rarity: Covert (Red)

Cost: £124.06 ($161.00) Factory New

The Kill Confirmed is a common skin to find in the hands of professional CS:GO players.

A bullet at the tip of the barrel has shot through the skull near the handle, sending bone fragments across the body of the pistol.

This skin is altered in China with the familiar skull replaced by a cyborg's head.


3. Orion


Obtained from: Huntsman Case

Rarity: Classified (Pink)

Cost: £16.24 ($21.08) Factory New

While there are plenty of Orions on the market and the skin can be earned through trade-up contracts, it no longer drops from the Huntsman Weapon Case it originally came from.

It was removed because one of the Orion's creators, a Steam user known as "sic", was also involved with the M4A4 Howl.

The now Contraband skin was previously a Covert skin from the same case, but was changed and no longer dropped following the discovery that x had used the work of another artist prominently in the original design.


4. Cortex


Obtained from: Clutch Case

Rarity: Classified (Pink)

Cost: £16.68 ($21.65) Factory New

With the one-tap potential of the USP, it is not surprising that yet another skin features a skull prominently in its design.

The Cortex is another popular skin and is a far less expensive option compared to the Kill Confirmed.

Some have compared the design to the Stainless Steel but with a more elaborate design on top of the silver.


5. Neo Noir


Obtained from: Spectrum Case

Rarity: Covert (Red)

Cost: £16.68 ($21.65) Factory New

The Neo Noir USP is one of a number of blue, magenta, pink and purple skins that featured at higher rarities in the Spectrum Case that also brought the second generation of knife finishes initially seen in the 2017 Chroma Case.

To take from its description, “it has been custom painted with a stylized blue-magenta woman over a grayscale background.…” The woman is the subject of the skin's description quote - "Drenched in a neon glow, she lies at the foot of an oppressive skyscraper."

This pistol also allows players to have a matching rifle as the M4A4 and AWP both have their own Neo Noir variants.