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New CS2 Knife finishes Coming Soon

Come and check out all upcoming knife finishes in Counter Strike 2!
New CS2 Knife finishes Coming Soon
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hasn't released a case since February, being the revolution case. The revolution case is likely Counter-Strike Global Offenses' final case, meaning the next case will be released in the upcoming Counter-Strike 2. Whether or not a new case will release alongside the title is currently unknown. However, we've been told by Valve to expect something. Valve hasn't released new knife finishes in years, raising player anticipation and frustration. With the constant release of Counter-Strike 2 information, the hype is starting to die down due to Valve not releasing the title to the masses; yes, we're excited, but we've had no new content in months. 

Due to the lack of content, players are predicting that Valve is going to overcompensate by releasing Counter-Strike 2 alongside a new case with skins and finishes we haven't seen before. Additionally, we can plan to see knife finishes that we have potentially seen before on community-build concepts, such as the Printstream collection. After continuous releases of Printstream weapons and concepts, it wouldn't surprise us to see Printstream knives! 


Counter-Strike 2 New Knife Finishes: Printstream 

The Printstream collection has been the hottest "new" collection release in Counter-Strike for a long time, having players love the idea of pearlescent skins. For those who don't know, the Printstream skins aren't damaged by scratches and tears at lower wear. Instead, the colors of the Printstream darken, and their pearlescent effect appears messier. 

Skins that aren't damaged with scratches depending on their wear are always more desirable. This is simply because they never look as bad as typical battle-scarred skins without this effect. This brings the price of the skin slightly up, however, not by much because the Printstream doesn't offer any uniqueness to skin patterns or designs, lessening rarity. 

The chances of a Printstream knife collection being released in the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 shift are incredibly high due to the volume of requests made by the skin community. Prices of the knives are quite hard to predict, but it's expected to replicate similar skin prices to something such as the Tiger Tooth or Slaughter prices. Fortunately, I don't personally believe there's anything "special" about this knife due to its lack of uniqueness, meaning the price won't be significant. 


Counter-Strike 2 New Knife Finishes: Gungnir

The AWP Gungnir has been one of the most expensive liquid skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, costing thousands of dollars regardless of the wear. The Gungnir has only been featured on the AWP, giving the skin room to expand and possibly meet knives and various other possibilities. Although bringing other Gungnir skins to Counter-Strike would ruin the "sole" AWP skins legacy, the opportunities for knives would be interesting.

This is because the Gungnir is associated with power and riches. Seeing the skin bought to knives would be amazing, especially watching the price changes. As seen by the image, the skin works incredibly well with knives, already looking like a healthy part of Counter-Strike. With CS2s brand new aesthetics and visual updates, the knife would look amazing. Unfortunately, there isn't anything unique about the Gungnir skin, such as patterns and unique outlooks, but the skin overall has a great aesthetic which will drive the skin forward into the next possible case. 


Counter-Strike 2 New Knife Finishes: Lore

Counter-Strikes Lore finishes are incredibly iconic, especially after the hype following the infamous Dragon Lore, arguably the most iconic skin in gaming history. Making these knives the follow-up to the most iconic skin in history, leading to mass attention and desire to purchase by Counter-Strike skin lovers. Despite Lore knives already being available, the entire collection hasn't been released for some knives, such as the Navaja, Skeleton, Paracord, Survival, Talon, and the rest, meaning there is room for additions within the Lore world.

Considering we're going to be seeing new knives coming to Counter-Strike 2, such as the Twinblade and Kukri knives, it wouldn't be unusual to see the Lore pattern coming to the title. Valve knows that fans love the Lore collection, meaning players would go wild to see these new finishes on knives, especially adapting the skin onto the knife, making it look slightly different, as seen by the pictures. Although this isn't technically a "new" skin, players haven't seen any new additions to Counter-Strike knives in a long time, and fans would love this skin. 


Counter-Strike 2 New Knife Finishes: Dark Water

The Dark Water Skin series isn't anything players are talking about; however, we cannot just expect to receive shiny and beautiful new knives. There have to be some cheaper options. The Dark Water knife series could be perfect for lower-end knives, especially because the aesthetic isn't terrible and would work nicely with darker gloves, as seen. The Dark Water knife collection appears to have the same aesthetic as the Stained or Damascus Steel knives, being shiny and low-key, offering a quieter and less eye-popping playing experience.

Seeing a Dark Water collection or something similar within Counter-Strike 2 is defiantly an option simply because the concept works. The skin can have a price prediction of something around the $200-300 avg dollar mark, depending on what knife it's on. This is simply because of what other similar skins, such as the Damascus Steel, retail for on the market. The only aspect holding this knife back is simply the fact it's similar to knives like the Stained, potentially giving Valve less of a reason to add the skin, especially if players are dying for change. 


Counter-Strike 2 New Knife Finishes: Doppler

The Doppler knives have been a fan favorite of many for years, with Valve expanding the Doppler empire onto the Butterfly, Ursus, Talon, Stiletto, Navaja, and Huntsman, but leaving out all other knives. This has led to players dreaming of being able to use both Doppler and Gamma Doppler skins on knives that don't have the option, such as the Skeleton and Paracord knives. The chances of Valve adding these Doppler variants to newer knives are very high. This is because these Doppler knives are likely the most requested skin concepts in Counter-Strike.

The prices of Doppler skins are always extortionate, which brings sadness to a lot of players considering the skin is beautiful. Each different skin obtains a different pattern and wear, making each knife unique and adding character to each skin's aesthetic. Ultimately the majority of players know Valve is going to add further Doppler skins into Counter-Strike, whether that's the addition of newer Gamma Doppler or the traditional Doppler skins.