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CS:GO 2021 Community Sticker Capsule: All stickers and price

Valve has unleashed the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule for CS:GO, featuring 21 fun and maybe even silly stickers which you can pick up for a decent price.
While many CS:GO fans have been waiting for a gameplay update to drop, the developer has other ideas. In the early hours of the morning on 10th September, Valve unleashed the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule for CS:GO. 

The 2021 Community Sticker Capsule features 21 unique stickers from various Community Workshop artists, and unlike many Sticker Capsules in the past, it doesn't have a specific theme. Instead, it's a bit of a mixed bag, with some meme-inspired stickers thrown into the mix, such as "This is fine". 

Here's what you need to know about the CS:GO 2021 Community Sticker Capsule, from a look at all the new stickers to the price per capsule.

All stickers from the 2021 Community Capsule and price

There are a total of 21 stickers in the 2021 Community Capsule for CS:GO. For those who don't know how it works, you can one sticker per Community Capsule and it's all random, meaning you can get the same stickers and not the exact one you want.

CS:GO 2021 Community Sticker Capsule price all stickers foil holo
The Purrurist sticker with Foil rarity looks incredibly detailed. (Picture: Valve)

There are a total of 12 "Paper" stickers. These are the most common ones and are quite easy to get. We also have six "Holo" stickers, which are much rarer.

Lastly, the "Foil" stickers are by far the most difficult to get, so don't expect to get one while opening one of the first 2021 Community Capsules. 

CS:GO 2021 Community Sticker Capsule all stickers price foil holo paper
Take a look at all 21 stickers from CS:GO's 2021 Community Sticker Capsule. (Picture: Valve)

The current price of the 2021 Community Capsule is 0.85 Euro on Steam. Remember, you can always scout the Steam Marketplace to purchase the exact sticker you want in the future.

Check out the video from SkinLAD below to get a closer look at all the awesome new CS:GO stickers.

So there you have it, all 21 of the new CS:GO stickers to apply to your weapons, and the price of the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule. Good luck to everyone who tries to get those Foil ones, as they are quite rare.

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