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CS pros voice strong opinions on scoped Krieg rifle

The SG 553 has been unaffected by nerfs and has seen increased pro play to fill the AUG void. Pros are less than happy about the scoped meta continuing to dominate the meta.
CS pros voice strong opinions on scoped Krieg rifle

The CS:GO meta discussion was raised once again by Team Vitality's Richard "shox" Papillon on Twitter following the team's third place finish in Group B of ESL Pro League Season 10.

His Tweet got responses from various pros including Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Rustem "mou" Telepov, Dennis "dennis" Edman and Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke. Community figures also entered the debate with some possible solutions to the overpowered nature of the scoped rifle.

Only a handful of guns in Counter-Strike have scopes, with the AWP being the most well-known and prominent alongside the cheaper Scout that a select few have mastered. The autosnipers for both CT and T side are considered 'bad manners' weapons, bought when a team is steamrolling opposition or as a big spend in the final round of a half.

The CT counterpart rifle to the SG 553, the AUG, saw a surge in professional play in 2019 after it received a price drop to $3100 in its first update since 2014 and the full potential of the scoped rifle was unleashed into pro play and matchmaking alike.

In that same update, the SG553 price was reduced to $2750, making the Krieg only $50 more expensive than the desirable AK-47.

Previous complaints raised by the professional community (again including shox) saw changes made to the CT rifle earlier this year. A June update nerfed the AUG and a previous update returned the price to $3300. The Krieg was untouched by the price reversal or direct adjustments and has now reached the same level as the AUG had previously in relation to pro opinion.

It is likely that the Krieg will see nerfs with so many prominent voices in the competitive scene taking issue to the weapon, with a price adjustment almost certain and similar rate of fire or crouching accuracy changes to the AUG a realistic solution to the current issues with the gun.