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CSGO Fan opens knife at BLAST Paris 2023: FAKE!

CSGO fan opens fake knife at Blast Paris 2023, trolling the entire major.
CSGO Fan opens knife at BLAST Paris 2023: FAKE!

Blast Paris, quite frankly, couldn't have been more electrifying due to the unique crowd and French hosts, bringing excitement and laughs to the viewers back home. Taking a deeper look, we had Anomaly, Fitz, and SwaggerSouls opening cases together, the trumpet man representing Vitality, and finally, we have the guy who literally opened a knife on stage midway through the event. 

Unfortunately, it pains me to admit the case opening was fake; upon watching it live, suspicions were raised, but an hour after the opening, several skin connoisseurs put an end to the ambiguity surrounding the knife opening's legitimacy. Fortunately, the suspect who "opened" the knife wasn't caught by the skin influencers at the scene. Otherwise, the skin community would've captured him and taken him to OhnePixel to face judgment.

The original video above depicts a young CSGO viewer attempting and succeeding in opening a knife live on stage at the Blast Paris CSGO major, but several strong minds put the opening to the test and checked out whether or not the opening was fake. 

The BLAST.tv Twitter page actually reposted this clip, stating "THIS IS CRAZY" and ultimately giving the fake opening more appraisal, making fans who have lesser knowledge of skins believe that this opening was real. Watching this clip live, I was absolutely thrown away, believing this was the perfect send-off to CSGO before Counter Strike 2; Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut winning his first major in Paris, trumpet man executing perfect performances and a lucky individual opening a CSGO knife at a 0.25% chance in front of millions of viewers. 

However, @_ale_cs on Twitter was quick to debunk the misguidance, showing that, in fact, the case opening was faked. Ale claims that after an update in August 2022, CSGO added the "Inspect Items" button, which can be found on the right side of the screen when opening CSGO cases. 


To mention this was a mistake, and I urge the community to spare this lost soul; despite attempting to misguide the CSGO community, we must forgive and accept the mistake for what it is. The moment still brings joy and memories, adding to the character and legacy of the event. One man we must continue to honor: trumpet guy, for he did not attempt to misguide us.