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What is FACEIT Justice? The upcoming third-party community Overwatch system

FACEIT appears to be working on their very own community-run system for dealing with problematic individuals within games by providing a version of Overwatch containing clips to determine if there has been poor conduct in addition to FACEIT Anti-Cheat.
What is FACEIT Justice? The upcoming third-party community Overwatch system

In October 2019, FACEIT posted a teaser for something called 'FACEIT Justice' without any further information as to how this would impact upon CS:GO or any other esports titles on its platform.

A month later, a Google Cloud presentation revealed that FACEIT's very own system to rival in-game Overwatch will be coming into action. The website did go live a week after this but the page simply read 'coming soon' at the time just like the initial Tweet.

Now, the website justice.faceit.com is active, open to applications and provides more details about the system.


The description of Justice explains that it "allows member of the community to review recordings of players who have been reported for misconduct, and help determine the verdict."

There appears to be different categories players may be reported for including griefing and being verbally abusive. The second one is most interesting as this could mean FACEIT would be recording voice communications from within the game to replay back to those reviewing clips in the future.


One notable absence from the list of offences that can be found after in-game Overwatch cases is 'cheating' of any kind.

CS:GO servers are VAC secured whether in matchmaking or through a third-party like FACEIT, but this does not stop those using hacks immediately. FACEIT itself uses its own anti-cheat that works in real time to detect possible cheats.

It is possible that FACEIT Justice will simply deal with the individual actions of players while FACEIT Anti-Cheat handles any possible software or exploits being used in-game.

There have been no further announcements from FACEIT regarding FACEIT Justice with the new "B-Site" league that is replacing ECS taking precedence in the company's current plans.

Talent for the still-unnamed league was recently announced and teams are expected to be revealed soon ahead of its March 2020 launch.

It is not known when updates on FACEIT Justice might come but applications can be made through the website currently for those curious what the new system will entail.