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Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware: How To Get The Mantis Blades

If you want to slice your way through Night City, you may need to get the Mantis Blades Cyberware from Ripperdocs in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware: How To Get The Mantis Blades

Cyberware is a unique set of implants or upgrades that can be found, bought, traded, and implanted into V’s body. These upgrades enhance various body parts, granting V Passive Abilities and status effects like the Mantis Blades.

The Mantis Blades is one of the more recognizable Cyberware players can acquire from Ripperdocs and other characters in-game. So, if you want your arms to be adorned with these implants, we’ve detailed how to get the Mantis Blades in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is The Mantis Blade Cyberware In Cyberpunk 2077?

The Mantis Blade is a unique bladed Cyberware implant V can acquire from Ripperdocs across Night City. This specific Cyberware includes two blades implanted in V’s forearms which can extend from V’s arms, resembling a mantis insect.

These blades allow V to perform non-stop Light Attacks against enemies, but when using its Heavy Attack, V launches itself toward the enemy and performs a lunging attack. If this lunging attack eliminates the enemy, it automatically triggers a finisher attack but can also block attacks.

When using the blocking ability before attacking enemies, V will perform a Light Attack before moving backward. Additionally, depending on the type of damage dealt, each Light or Heavy Attack will have the chance to inflict a Status Effect.

A few rarities of the Mantis Blades are available from Ripperdocs, which do require Street Cred and Eurodollars, the in-game currency. The rarities available for the Mantis Blades are Rare, Epic, and Legendary, which influences the cost of these blades and the Street Cred level required, which can be unlocked at Level 20 for Rare, Level 25 for Epic, and Level 25 for Legendary.

How To Get The Mantis Blades Cyberware In Cyberpunk 2077?

cyberpunk 2077 cyberware guide mantis blades how to get ripperdocs rarities
You can acquire and have implanted the Mantis Blades from multiple Ripperdocs throughout Night City. (Picture: CD PROJEKT RED)

The Rare variant of the Mantis Blades can be purchased for 20 Street Cred, and some Eurodollars from Ripperdocs don’t sell the Epic variant. The Epic variant, however, can be acquired for 25 Street Cred and Eurodollars from the Ripperdocs in Arroyo and Wellsprings.

You can also get the Mantis Blades Epic rarity if you’re visiting Fingers, Octavio, or Aldecaldos. There is a way to get Mantis Blades from other characters, which can occur during specific Story missions; after completing Paid In Full mission, you can purchase Mantis Blades from Viktor.

If you should you harm the Ripperdoc, Fingers, during The Space In Between mission, his services will no longer be available. Finally, players can acquire the Mantis Blades’ Legendary rarity for free after being granted full access to Night City.

cyberpunk 2077 cyberware guide mantis blades how to get ripperdoc viktor
Completing the Paid in Full mission, you can get the Mantis Blades from Viktor. (Picture: CD PROJEKT RED)

According to gameplay footage from content creator ESO, you’ll need to locate the Night City Center for Behavioral Health and find the doorway highlighted in yellow neon glow. If you have previously visited this location, you should have the mission Cyberpscyho Sighting: Phantom of Night City.

If not, you’ll receive this side mission where you’ll need to find a specific named enemy at the marked destination. You must crouch to a box near the garage door to get the Legendary Mantis Blades.

You can loot other items in this box, complete this side mission, and gain its rewards. With this Cyberware, you can bring it to any Ripperdoc who can perform the implant for you without spending any Street Cred or Eurodollars.

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