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Cyberpunk 2077: Rogue Amendiares Romance Guide

Looking for love in Night City? Here's how to romance Rogue Amendiares in Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0!
Cyberpunk 2077: Rogue Amendiares Romance Guide
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Want to know how to romance Rogue Amendiares in Cyberpunk 2077? Keep reading. In Night City, there are many contenders for your affection. After all, everyone has their favorites. But who is the original best girl? Well, the answer to that, of course, is Rogue. This once-elderly lady used to be the best catch around.

In this guide, we will tell you exactly how to romance Rogue Amendiares in Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 so you don't lose your chance. Who knows, you may have already done so. In that case, it likely explains why you are here. But don't worry — we leave no stone unturned in this unique romance.

Spoiler Disclaimer: This guide contains key plot details and developments regarding Rogue Amendiares's storyline in Cyberpunk 2077. If you prefer to discover these aspects organically during gameplay, we recommend proceeding with caution or returning to this guide at a later time.

Who Is Rogue Amendiares In Cyberpunk 2077?

Rogue Amendiares is a veteran of Night City and a significant figure from Johnny Silverhand’s past. She's not only skilled in combat but also has extensive knowledge and connections within the city, making her a valuable ally in Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0.

While she's been hardened by the ruthless world around her, those who manage to break through her tough exterior will find a loyal and resourceful ally. Rogue has witnessed the transformation of Night City over the years and has survived its challenges, earning her respect and reputation in the process.

How To Romance Rogue In Cyberpunk 2077

But the burning question is how you can romance Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077. To have a chance at romancing Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077, you'll need to progress to Act 2. Then, you must complete a few of Johnny Silverhand's side quests. The quest that is make or break for your chance at romance is CHIPPIN' IN.


Here, you must get a hold of Johnny's jacket, gun, and Porsche car. Progress through the side quest of CHIPPIN' IN, and when in the oil fields, you will have the option to call Rogue. If you don't do this, your ability to pursue a romance with Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077 will be in shambles. So, call her.

When you call Rogue, tell her that Johnny Silverhand wants to go on a date with her. She will be keen and want to go to Silver Pixel Cloud in North Oak.

Rogue Romance 3

Congratulations! You are one step closer to being able to romance Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077. After the call, you will want to pick her up from the Afterlife Club. However, she will message you to tell you that she has to take care of business first.

Rogue suggests that you should swing by later that evening. Reply to her: "Ok, this evening then - Afterlife, I'll be there." You will have the option to do the mission Blistering Love now, which will be you taking Rogue on that date.

Blistering Love

In the evening, jump in Johnny Silverhand's Porsche and head over to pick up Rogue at the Afterlife Club. Speak to her once you arrive and choose the "I'm just the driver option." Jump in the car with her and drive her to the drive-in movie theater.

Once you arrive at Silver Pixel Cloud in North Oak, you must take a few steps to get everything in working order for your date. Specifically, you will have to get the power on and turn on the projector. These tasks are fairly easy.

Rogue Romance 4

Now, for the next part, you must take the pills and let Johnny Silverhand take over. Although you will be playing as him, you can still mess up the romance. So, follow the next steps closely. When you and Rogue are watching the movie, choose the "Oh, so that's how you do it option."

Rogue will say that she was wrong about you (Johnny). Then choose the "This how you imagined this evening going?" option. She will both rejoice but lament the good old days for a bit before you get to choose your next option.

She will say, "Let's pretend it's twenty-fifteen," which will allow you to respond with the "I like the Rogue of 2077." She will say that she's a lesser version of her previous self. Afterward, she will ask if you were back in 2015, would you do anything differently?

Rogue Romance 5

This is important. Choose the "Do anything not to lose you." option. Rogue will tell you she has had a lot of time to think things over in the years past. Then you will have to choose the "Got a feeling your not telling me something" option. At this point, you're super close to romancing Rogue in Cyberpunk 2077.

She will tell you that she's hiding a heap of things from you. When she does, you can select the "[Kiss] More than I expected." option. After choosing this option, Johnny will say a few more touching words to seal the deal. Then, a love scene will play out of you getting frisky with Rogue in Johnny's car.

And that, my friend, is exactly how to romance Rogue Amendiares in Cyberpunk 2077. Want a visual walkthrough? Don't sweat it. You can watch the video by YouTuber BabyZone for a detailed run-through of what you can expect.

Now that you have established yourselves as the ultimate power couple in Night City, why don't you try your hand at romancing a few other characters in the game, like Judy, Panam, River, Kerry, or Meredith next? With the Phantom Liberty update, there are bound to be many interesting changes on the way!

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