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Dark And Darker Devs Given 30-day lawsuit extension In New Update To Fans

Dark and Darker developers have given the community an update on their current legal dispute.
Dark And Darker Devs Given 30-day lawsuit extension In New Update To Fans

Dark and Darker is a game that people did not expect to get so excited for. But when the playtests initially came out, the internet was raving about how enjoyable this new extraction game is. Dark and Darker is a fantasy extraction game that has battle royale elements that somehow work very well together.

Everything was running smoothly for Dark and Darker until recently. Ironmance Games, the developer of Dark and Darker, is facing a lawsuit from Nexon that has halted nearly all playtests for the game. Because of this, the developers have had to remain pretty silent on the matter. Although that is the case, the Dark and Darker developers have provided an update on the situation.

An Update On The Dark And Darker Lawsuit

Dark And Darker Update
The Dark and Darker updates have been sparse ever since the lawsuit kicked off. (Picture: Ironmance)

Dark and Darker has not been on Steam for quite some time now. This is because Nexon is currently suing Ironmance Games over an alleged copyright infringement. They claim that Ironmance has stolen assets from Nexon and Ironmance denies that they stole anything.

In an update to fans earlier today, it was explained that the team has recently been given a 30-day extension to the lawsuit. You can see the message sent to fans from Ironmace CEO Park Terence Seung-ha, on Discord, just below:

"Hello everyone, I wanted to provide a quick update on the legal situation. Our lawyers in the U.S. have gotten a 30-day extension before we have to respond to the lawsuit there. This is very common in U.S. courts. I wish I could share more information about our strategy, but I’ll need to stay silent for a bit longer due to the sensitivity of this issue. I look forward to sharing more soon. As always, Hold the Line!"


What's Next For Dark And Darker?

At the moment, it is pretty unclear what is going to happen with Dark and Darker in the short term. According to the most recent update from the developers, the Dark and Darker team has not officially responded to the lawsuit. That means that the case itself has not really progressed and things seem stagnant.

Although Dark and Darker is being sued, there has been aplaytest for the game in April and if they continue along the same schedule, we'd imagine we'll see Playtest 6 in July. Albeit, likely via a Torrent again and despite the fact that this lawsuit is ongoing. So there could be more playtests to come in the future.