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What To Do With Heart Candy In Dark and Darker

If you've been looting heart candy but don't know how to use them, here's your answer.
What To Do With Heart Candy In Dark and Darker

A new Dark and Darker Patch recently went live and whilst the seasonal merchant Nicholas might have gone back to his snowy abode, it's also seen the reintroduction of another seasonal merchant: Valentine.

If you've only recently started playing Dark and. Darker you may not have had the pleasure of meeting this particular merchant, or the Heart Candies that you can now collect throughout the game. However, for newer players, it isn’t immediately clear what you should be doing with these Heart Candies. Especially since the gingerbread cookies players were recently retrieving at Christmas were part of the new quest system in the game.

What Do You Use Heart Candy For In Dark and Darker?

In short, the seasonal Valentine merchant sells players high-powered equipment. However, he won't accept the normal form of currency and instead requires payment with Heart Candies. For now, there's no specific quest tied to the Heart Candies, but we wouldn't be surprised if this was to change in the future to align with other merchants.

Dark and Darker Valentine Merchant
Valentine is a seasonal merchant in Dark & Darker

How To Get Heart Candies in Dark and Darker?

Typically Heart Candy is an item that can randomly drop from more or less any enemy encounter. However, the likelihood of obtaining Heart Candy is more likely to increase with more difficult enemies or bosses.

That being said, Heart Candy is not a guaranteed drop, so you'll have to work to earn that candy before Saint Valentine departs.