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Dark & Darker Reveals New Weapons & Boss In Latest Gameplay Trailer

Ironmace still won't say when the next playtest is coming, or the status of their ongoing legal proceedings, but they have revealed some new gameplay footage.
Dark & Darker Reveals New Weapons & Boss In Latest Gameplay Trailer

Despite no longer being available on Steam, and currently only having a playtest available through torrenting, Dark & Darker has revealed new weapons and a new boss with their latest gameplay trailer.

New Bard Tools Incoming

The new gameplay trailer shows off new textures and new weapons for the bard class such as a flute, along with new songs that can buff your allies. With no official word or documentation of what the spells actually do we can't say if they're actually any good or not, but a comment on the official YouTube video seems to have noticed a spell that increases attack speed around three and a half minutes into the video.

"It seems like the Bard might have a new song that increases Attack Speed? That seems like a great utility for PvP and PvE!"

There's also an Orc noticeable in the trailer as a playable fighter, seemingly confirming a brand new race in the game, though the video doesn't draw any attention to this at all. 

A New Boss Approaches

There's also a brand-new boss in the trailer named 'The Skeleton Royal Guard' which takes the opportunity to attempt to destroy the players. As you'd expect from a game going through this much trouble in development, there's been no official word on these new additions other than the trailer itself (likely due to the court case preventing Ironamace Studios themselves from talking about the game), but once the court case ends we can probably expect the studio to detail everything that they've added to the game since it was pulled from Steam. 

Dark & Darker has been the victim of a lawsuit from Nexon, who alleges that Ironmace Studios has used 'trade secrets as well as copyrighted information copies and stolen from Nexon.' According to Nexon, Ironmace stole assets from a game titled P3 Game, which Ironmace disputes. Still, due to the court case, the game has been pulled from Steam, and an extension granted for the lawsuit has now expired with no update on proceedings.