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When Is The Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe in 2024?

Here's when we believe the next Escape From Tarkov Wipe will take place in 2024.
When Is The Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe in 2024?
Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov wipes are global resets that will kick players back to level 1 and remove all the gear they have collected. This might sound like a scary prospect to newcomers who have spent months grinding, but this is entirely normal and happens several times a year.  The main question then becomes: "when is the next Escape from Tarkov wipe?" This article will cover the latest news leading up to the next wipe, as well as the key details surrounding the next reset.

Latest Escape from Tarkov Wipe News

Just below, we'll keep you updated on all the latest news, leaks, teasers, and pre-wipe events related to Escape From Tarkov and its annual server wipes.

15 May 2024 - New Updated Adds ARG Event

We could be looking at the beginning of the end. A series of new ARG events and in-game events are underway in Escape from Tarkov. A technical update earlier this week added a new mysterious item in raids called 'Encrypted Flash Drive'.

As Tarkov players may well know, events such as this normally accelerate with frequency leading to the economy more or less crashing and then another wipe. So we could be seeing the start of a series of in-game events before the games next big wipe.

We predicted that the next wipe is more likely dropping in June-July 2024; so now seems a good time to start with the updates. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

8 April 2024 - Next Wipe is 'This Summer'

The next Tarkov wipe will take place 'this Summer', according to game director Nikita Buyanov, who was speaking with Tarkov streamer Pestily in an interview on April 7, 2024.

This Summer is obviously a pretty vague window for the next wipe, as it could take place anytime between 20 June 2024 and 22 September 2024.

If we had to guess, we think it will occur around late June/early July, as that will put the wipe at roughly 6 months since the last wipe on 28 December 2023.

25 February 2024 - Tarkov Arena Wipe Confirmed For Next Week

On Wednesday, February 28, Battlestate Games are planning to release update 0.1.5 for Escape from Tarkov: Arena. In addition, there will be a wipe with the patch in Escape from Tarkov: Arena. With the update progression of preset leveling as well as players' ARP will be reset.


When Is The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe

Further down we have a list of all Escape From Tarkov wipes to have taken place previously. Since we don't have a confirmed 2024 Roadmap for the game, we will have to estimate when the next wipe will happen.

Based on the data, the estimated average days between Escape from Tarkov wipes is approximately 157.92 days. Given the last wipe took place on 28 December 2023, we estimate the next will take place around June 2024. 

Update - Game director Nikita is on record in an interview with Tarkov streamer Pestily, stating that the next wipe will take place 'this summer'.

Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate, and the actual wipe date may vary based on the decisions of the game developers. Of course, plans could change and you never know if Battlestate Games push the wipe back further. With that in mind, we would suggest you keep your eyes peeled for further news, developer comments, and in-game pre-wipe events.

Escape From Tarkov Wipe Countdown Prediction
59 days, 07:15:44

How Do You Know If Tarkov Is Wiping

Typically in the weeks and days leading up to a Tarkov Wipe we see mini-events occurring with more frequency in the game, normally destabilising the Flea Market prices.

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov usually wipes twice a year. (Picture: Battlestate)

All Escape From Tarkov Wipe Dates

For those curious, the following is the list of all Tarkov wipe dates since 2017, starting with the most recent:

Wipe Date Patch Version Days Since Previous Wipe
28 December 2023 14 140 days
10 August 2023 13.5 225 days
28 December 2022 13.0 183 days
28 June 2022 12.12.30 198 Days
12 December 2021 12.12 165 Days
30 June 2021 12.11 188 Days
24 December 2020 12.9 210 Days
28 May 2020 12.6 214 Days
27 October 2019 12.0 201 Days
9 April 2019 11.7 152 Days
8 November 2018 10.5 112 Days
19 July 2018 9.0 91 Days
19 April 2018 8.0 114 Days
26 December 2017 5.0 60 Days
27 October 2017 4.0 N/A


Escape from Tarkov
Hopefully, you didn't get too attached to your weapons... (Picture: Battlestate Games)

What To Expect During An Escape From Tarkov Wipe

Wipes usually come along with major game updates. As such, every player's progress will reset to zero. This includes quest progress, weapons, equipment, and more. Players will, however, usually be given their account starting items after the wipe is complete. 

Escape from Tarkov wipes happens for several reasons. Most importantly, it allows the developers to avoid glitches or unnecessary coding mishaps that may occur during these massive gameplay overhauls.

Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to jump into the game without the threat of veteran players having already acquired the best weapons and equipment. 

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