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Days Gone cross-platform (PC/PS4) support: Progression, save files, achievements

Is there cross-progression support for Days Gone on PC and PS4? Find out here if you can play your Days Gone saves from the PS4 on PC and vice versa.
Days Gone cross-platform (PC/PS4) support: Progression, save files, achievements

Days Gone has finally come to PC, marking yet another big PlayStation exclusive release on a different platform.

This action-adventure open-world title has offered a fun and engaging experience for the fans of the post-apocalyptic zombie games and a number of PlayStation gamers has quickly fallen in love with the game, although, unfortunately, it has been confirmed that the game won't get a sequel due to its relatively poor sales on the PS4.

With the game now being on both PC and PS4, many fans have been wondering if they will be able to carry their progression from one platform to another and if they accomplish some achievement on Steam, will that mean that they have earned Trophy-equivalent on the PSN as well?

Is there cross-progression for Days Gone between PC and PS4?

cross-progression support for Days Gone on PC and PS4
(Picture: Sony)

Unfortunately, cross-progression won't be amongst newly-added features.

Sony and Bend Studio, the game's developers, didn't announce anything that will imply the support for cross-progression and the ability to carry your Days Gone progression and save files from PS4 to PC or vice versa.

If Horizon Zero Dawn is anything to go by,  the game will not get cross-progression support even after its release on PC.

It seems that PC and PS4 versions are simply developed in a different way and Sony can't (or won't bother) implement cross-progression.

Will there be PSN connectivity for Days Gone on PC?

No, at this point Sony doesn't have any plans for implementing PSN connectivity between the two versions of the game.

This means that you won't be able to see things like your friend lists from PSN, achievements and trophies will work separately, and as we've already mentioned, there won't be any cross-progression support.

Please check out our dedicated Days Gone PC article for more details about the PC version of the game.